Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Avon Barksdale Story / Sex and the City 2 / MST3K:

Wood Harris meets the real Avon Barksdale in this sub-extra about the extraordinary HBO show The Wire. Utilizing horrific re-enactments and substandard generic rap this attempt at shedding more light on the drug deals and brutal streets of Baltimore falls flat. This stand alone DVD contains no extras and is not worth investing time or money in.  D-

Sex and The City 2

Speaking of horrific takes on HBO shows after thier run on the cable network, this movie follows Carrie Bradshaw and her friends as they descend into Mid-Life crisis. Miranda quit her job , Charlotte is concerned that her hubby is interested in her perky braless nanny, Samantha is trying to use chemicals to halt her aging process and Big decides he wants to explore a 2 day Carrie vacation each week instead of contructing a man-cave. Oh yeah and they go to Dubai. Somehow one of the funniest and wittiest shows of the past decade is now a movie franchise chock full of cliches and horrible puns that would make Chris Berman blush. This movie is only for poor saps like me that enjoyed the show and feel the completist urge to watch the entire run of the show- worse than After- M*A*S*H this was saved by the fashion disasters of Carrie and Samantha. I thought the first movie betrayed the strong and unique characters from the show, this amplifies that crime. Funny stuff includes a killer line by Charlotte- deep into the second act and a brief  cameo by Ron White. Overall the first part of the movie is miserable, but the second half is tolerable, seriously not the best representation of the series.  C-

MST3K: Kitten with a Whip
Ann Margaret is run away delinquent who happens to run into the home of an aspiring politico. John Forsythe is held hostage by Margaret and her poly-sci buddies, This 60's black and white is a cult classic because of the over-acting by Ann Margaret ( I would guess).
Either way this exercise in frivolity is saved by the commentary comedy stylings of the MST3K crew led by Michael J Nelson. The DVD has an introduction by Nelson who seems to be warning the viewing audience that this is a subpar effort- but I enjoyed it.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Game Plan

The Rock plays an egotistical star QB who has yet to win the big one. His life takes a sudden and sickingly sweet turn when his daughter from a failed marriage randomly shows up on his doorstep. Of course his daughter shows up during his team's playoff run. This is so sacchrine I am about to go into a sugar coma. On the upside the lovely Rocelyn Sanchez is the ballet instructor for his long lost daughter.

This feel-good movie made me feel bad for wasting time with it. Was it terrible no and Dwayne Johnson did a good job in his role- but this middling cliche filled family film is aimed directly at somebody else.  This fartwarming exercise in tearjerking pulls at the heart served it's investors well. Probably not for everyone but this family friendly had just enough Rock charisma to make it tolerable for one viewing.  C-

I admit I watched this movie because it was hosted on USA by WWE champ CM Punk. Not the best investment of time - since he cut 4 promos on the Rock that probably lasted 2 minutes at the most.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Raw review + RAW 100 Moments DVD

Link to my review of Raw from NJ for Wrestle Hustle

Why is ROH final battle smack dab in the middle of football Sunday?

WWE 100 Moments 3 DVD disc set

They were not kidding - this was brief and to the point. Uusually only one person per moment and each segment felt too short,  this was a decent but un-needed compilation of Raw moments- a dissapointment after the excellent n.W.o.  Revolution and Attitude era DVDs. Disc 3 features the entire 1000th episode of Raw ( still the best 3 hour Raw since they made the switch). An odd moment - but Booker T picked his "WCW" match against Buff Bagwell as his favorite Raw moment- I guess to each their own- since I remember that segment was so awkward and horrible that it killed off the idea of a seperate WCW promotion. This disc will not surprise long time fans of sports entertainment but will be a good starting point for newer fans of the E.   B_

Wow how time flies- I was a DJ at the Outer Limits in Virginia Beach when Nevermind dropped. "Smells Like Teen Spirit" would get a pit going when I played the record.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Films of Fury

Films of Fury - an 80 minute overview of Kung fu movies. Using an animated framing device this collection of classic Kung Fu footage showcases scenes from some of the best kung fu movies of all time.  Briefly covering Bruce Lee , Jackie Chan and many others this feels like a cliff's notes version of a book (and this is based on a book). Overall this was lacking and I felt like I paid too much for the DVD (and I only paid 5 dollars). Although it is chock full of great moments from fight scenes the information felt too sparse and all over the map to really warrant watching this more than once.  C-

Saturday, November 17, 2012

A World without Twinkees is not as bad as a world without T-Dog

Last week we had IronE Singleton who portrayed T-Dog on the popular TV show the Walking Dead in the club- he was a superb visiting celebrity as he entertained the crowd and then took time to take pictures and shake hands with everyone that asked ( and the line was long)..

Me and  T-Dog

This week we had a tribute to Twinkees - yeah Twinkees may be a part of our pop culture past due to labor  issues and financial mishandling of the iconic bakery.

Yeah I work at Peabody's in Virginia Beach - a mixture of  massive beats per minute and pop culture. You can usually find me there early Thursday,Friday and Saturday spinning a huge variety of tunes before the featured DJ hits the stage.



The Soup will air a half hour wrestling (WWE) tribute(roast) show on Wednesday Nov 21,2012 on E!. Check local listings.

I finally got the WWE DVD n.W.o. Revolution - well worth checking out for fans of WWE and the New World Order. Sure they still gloss over the Wolfpack ( at that time it was a fun faction)- but this is a superior effort after the half hazard effort of Black in Black. This may be my favorite WCW themed DVD from WWE.

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Halloween 2012 Solo Sunny / Bloodstained Memoirs/12th Planet

A long and fun Halloween is in the books- ok the first half of the day was a double-drag- but I will receive a paycheck for vanquishing the unflushable turd- omg- it was a beast-

came home and ate a quick dinner - half a WaWa sub with the wife while we watched a 1979 East German movie about a pop singer struggling with her craft, relationships and neighbors in the interesting Solo Sunny. A character study about a sassy gal who wants to be loved and respected but usually ends up being chased by the men she does not cherish and ignored by the crowd. I love the weird jazz and revolution funk of the cabaret band and the band she tries to join near the end of the movie.  This slice of life movie captures a time that does not exist with lovely cinematography and interesting on-location shots of the countryside- worth a Netflix slot if you can tolerate sub-titles. B+ 

Yesterday I picked up the revamped Brock Lesnar DVD from WWE and WWE 13. I have not had time to properly watch or play either one as I was more interested in watching Bloodstained Memoirs.
You can always catch my reviews of Monday Night Raw at Wrestle Hustle- follow @wrestlehustle
or follow me @jobberjoe99

Bloodstained Memoirs has been in production since 2005 and I first heard of the wrestling documentary when I friended their MySpace page during the Bush administration. Actually this is less of a documentary than a series of shoot type interviews with some of the most respected grapplers of the last 30+ years including Roddy Piper , Ultimo Dragon , Great Muta  and several others. The set is hosted by Al Snow. It is an imperfect set marred by a Chris Jericho interview that seemed overly focused on Fozzy- I could tell it was filmed at a Fozzy show- but this is a wrestling doc for a wrestling audience- and I know that Jericho can be more forthright and entertaining- his 2 auto-biographies are 2 of my wrestling books. The Mick Foley segment was simply Foley signing autographs at a book-store. Maybe the notion was to show grapplers in other settings but both were disappointing since I know both love the industry and could offer more than what was given. Since this was a special edition DVD there are some extra interviews added and a bonus match featuring Mick Foley taking on Jimmy Snuka. Maybe I had too high expectations since I have anticipated the release of the movie on DVD for years. This is a good supplemental DVD for any wrestling library but nothing I would deem essential B-

I saw 12th Planet and Luke Shay at Peabody's in Virginia Beach and both tore it down - now I need to try and get some sleep before another double tomorrow....

Friday, October 19, 2012

Argo / Virus by Luke Shay

I have to agree with Butters from South Park - I liked Argo - good historical fiction and suspense tied together with archival footage and a solid cast. Worth checking out while it is in the theater.  B

Of course now I want to see a film version of the fake movie within the movie.

Check out the latest track from Virginia Beach producer DJ Luke Shay - Virus- click to listen

RIP second generation wrestler Mike Graham..

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Monday, October 08, 2012

Cornette in/ Delirious Out + wrestling links and more

Jim Cornette has been replaced by Delirious on the creative/booking team for the embattled ROH promotion today according to Bryan Alvarez and Mike Mooneyham.

Fans of WWE grappler- the day is here - the new CM Punk DVD is out and available for purchase.

Tonight Vince McMahon will be on Raw for a state of the industry speech. Pipebombs or pipedreams? Either way I will not be watching live. Go Orioles. Last week Raw had the lowest ratings for a non-holiday episode in 15 years- last week included no John Cena ( who tweeted he will be there). Also Arnold Schwarzeneggar will be the social ambassador for the show on Twitter. The governator has been the talk of entertainment media as he admits to sleeping with Brigette Nielson during the filming of Red Sonya while courting Maria Shriver.

If you have the biography channel- this Saturday morning the channel will be showing old biographies ( Rock, Hogan) and their excellent History of Wrestling special.

Mike Mooneyham's most recent column about the TNA tag team Kaz and Christopher Daniels is worth reading - check it out. He is worth following on Twitter- if you want more than rumor and gossip for wrestling news.

Greg Oliver column on Ten Pounds of Gold - new book covering the legacy of the NWA title.

Picture from GXW July 3 2011 by Jobber Joe

Old School Wrestling Podcast takes on World of Sport- click to listen

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I have a weekly column and DVD reviews on Wrestle Hustle- click to read Raw Ruminations and more

Looper + Flosstradamus & DJ SLiink Tonight in Virginia Beach


The latest film from Rian Johnson - this sci-fi noir dwells in the land of inevitable tragedy. The main character is a hitman- he stands in a field and waits for his prey to appear from the future- he then ends their lifecycle with with a Blunderbuss. Joseph Gordon Levitt is our anti-hero du jour , he kills, he does drugs , he beds hookers and he is about to meet himself.

I was not in love with the film, but I was engaged from start to finish. If you like film noir and time travel this film is worth checking out.  B

Tonight Flosstradamus with DJ Sliink and DJ Luke Shay will be at Peabody's in Virginia Beach. OCTOBER 8-Monday-

Fans of Flosstradamus they have dropped a new EP for free download -click to listen

and DJ SLiink has released his own take on "Original Don"- click to listen

Luke Shay just released a new cut "300" using sounds and samples from the popular movie 300 on SoundCloud - - click to listen

My favorite video and song of the week -

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Wrestling Links and such /Lanny Poffo interview and more

Jay Simola has fired up Passing the Torch again - check out the most recent episode with special guest Lanny Poffo - click to listen

Speaking of fired up - check out the most recent episode of The Chronic Connection - Smoked Out covers indie wrestling, international grappling and more - click to listen

If you want to check out international wrestling on DVr - check out IVP-
Very affordable and quick turn-around on orders.

Fans of Lucha Libre don't forget a new documentary about Lucha will be on PBS Friday night- check your local listings - click to learn more

The Old School Wrestling Podcast covers an episode of WWF's Saturday Night Main event- click to download

Mike Mooneyham talks about Hulk Hogan in new column - click to read

I got a new soundcloud account- here is my mix of a Ron Simmons promo with some old school funk- click to listen

Don't forget to check out my weekly column Raw Ruminations at Wrestle Hustle

Dragon Gate USA will be in the NE US November 2-4

RF Video is running a 25% off sale until tomorrow.

Tony Givens (You are not getting booked) has launched a kickstarter project to produce a wrestling series with a 12 episode story arc.Click to learn more..

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O's , Skins, Dance and New to me Songs

How will the Redskins bounce back after loosing a close game last week due to a player throwing the football at the other team when the team when in FG range? I don't know but that is what I will be watching, with my attention also being taken by the Orioles, the most magic summer in years, to me it feels like 1979- well except for my knees and that now I don't fantasize about playing for either the Skins or Orioles since. It is great watching games go into extra innings and the Orioles finding the right combination to win the games either on the road or at home.

Yesterday I attended my first Dance competition at Peabody's in Virginia Beach,Va and it was an amazing show put together and hosted by Guerilla Will.

Last night was a great reminder of how much fun it can be in the entertainment business. I can't wait for the October 8th show with Flosstradamus

 Also it has been fun finding several new to me songs to play for DJing.
Trap or um trapish - I am still learning- but these 3 songs are getting replayed everytime they come up on my iPod.
"Chill" by Trapzillas -click to listen 
"Bubble Gun"- Apashe & SNAILS - click to listen
"Baptism"-Crystal Castles Sound Remedy Remix - click to listen

Alternative Rap or something- whatever don't let my words discourage you from sampling this hypnotic blend of beat and verse
"Candles" - Jez Dior click to listen
Pure Pop or pop, dubstep and some hip hop or whatever- a good uptempo blend
"A Night Out"- Martin Volveig featuring Ludacris A Trak & Clinton Sparks remix- click to listen


So many good tunes out there I have yet to really digest the new maps on Call of Duty

Oh I also started a Sound Cloud page - uploaded some miserable attempts at mashups along with some fun sound bites - Click to visit

Thursday, September 13, 2012

OBX getaway /Lawler update and Lawless review

Spent parts of 3 days in the Outer Banks - got to drive around Duck and sit in line to take a ferry(we actually never got on the ferry- just watched some girl adjust her swimsuit bottom for a bit and watch dogs deposit their previous meals) - after waiting an hour or so we turned around and drove back thru Rodanthe and Pea Island . The major accomplishment of the journey was our friend Al taking lead on cleaning the car- it is a whole new vehicle.

Since he was dedicated to watching Monday night football - we decided to go to the cinema - we took in Lawless 

Lawless was set in Franklin County,Virginia. I grew up in Franklin County. Franklin County has forever been known as the moonshine capital of the world. Hell we even had inactive stills on our property in Ferrum. This story follows 3 brothers and their fights with other bootleggers and the law(corrupt men with their hands out) during the prohibition era. This is a violent movie about a violent time, 2 romances are thrown into the mix- but really this is about the menfolk proving their machismo or whatnot. Although this movie namedrops Burnt Chimney and uses the Rocky Mount hotel as a major set- it was filmed in Georgia. I did not love this movie nor would I want to watch it again- although I would rent a DVD if it had a historical documentary about Moonshine. This is not a prequel to Thunder Road nor essential viewing.  C+

I will be DJing tonight with DJ Luke Shay - here is his own tune for free download on soundcloud- check it out .

IN Wrestling News and tidbits

One of the more shocking moments of the trip was provided by the vicarious nothing of WWE Raw when longtime announcer Jerry Lawler suffered a heart attack during the broadcast. He is recovering and according to tweets and facebook posts from family members and friends is recovering and he did not suffer brain damage according to the same source material. A great documentary worth checking out is Memphis Heat - it covers Lawler and many others in the Memphis area during the 60's thru the 80s. Memphis Heat was my fave wrestling DVD or 2011.

picture of Lawler from July 25 from Harbor Park in Norfolk, VA by Jobber Joe

For updates on Australian Wrestling and more including DVD reviews and interviews -check out Wrestle Hustle.

Although Kiebler /Clooney was trending - publicists for both celebrities indicate they are still a couple.

Frank Eudy the son of former WWF/WCW champion Sid was evicted from the Big Brother house after being on the block 5 times during the summer.

Fans of Lucha Libre there are 2 lucha documentaries coming out soon - one Tales of Masked Men will be on PBS on Sept 28. To learn more - click this link to read the article about both films.. Author of Mondo Lucha A Go_Go and former WWE writer Dan Madigan is involved with both projects.

If You in the tri-state area or near PA you should try and make it to the King Of Trios tournament this weekend Sept 14-16. This Chikara event looks like it will be fun.Click for more details

New England Championship Wrestling will be in Blackstone, MA, Friday,September 14 - click to learn more details .

Curious about Lucha and wrestling from Japan and elsewhere in the world - IVP Video provides an affordable passport into the international grappling scene- click for more information.

Above is the first part of this week's WWE NXT program

Click to listen or download the most recent edition of Roundtable Wrestling Radio from Monday and Tuesday of this week.

Sunday, September 02, 2012

WWE in Australia / Flosstradamus coming to Virginia Beach

Flosstradamus with special guest DJ SLiink will be at Peabody's in Virginia Beach on Monday, October 8, 2012-tickets are on sale now - click for more details

On September 8- El Generico will take on Samuray Del Sol for Evolve 17 from Vorhees,NJ - the event will also be on iPPV, this will part of a double header with the CZW event Down with the Sickness.

WWE has been touring down under- click to read all the results at Wrestle Hustle.

Mike Mooneyham discusses the National Wrestling Alliance , the recent DVD documentary plus up to date followup on the wrestling organization - click to read.

I recently reviewed History & Tradition The Story of the National Wrestling Alliance on Wrestle Hustle - click to read.

The Old School Wrestling Podcast cover the Great American Bash of 1989- click to listen

Rasslin Memories interviewed Paul "Butcher" Vachon and "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan- click to listen

RF Video has released a new shoot video with Nicole and Brianna formerly the Bella Twins in WWE.

RIP songwriter Hal David. This version of "Walk on By" by Isaac Hayes slays me- check it out.

Since I have been DJing again - I have heard some interesting remixes and mashups - this is a link to another blog featuring a slowed down version of "Say My Name" by Destiny's Child- check it out

I picked up LA Noir for 360 last night- just started playing it- seems fun-although I wrecking the crap out of the car

Monday, August 27, 2012

Fantasy Draft Completed/DJing again and wrestling links

                                           "Absolutely" -Donnis featuring Iamsu & Jay Ant
I have not posted as much recently due to getting back on the wheels of steel, err laptop- yep I am a laptop DJ- I mean last year and the year before I was an iPod DJ - but anyhow I have been gathering songs and listening to songs and samples and trying to to get it all back together after a long hiatus.

                                          "Original Don" - Major Lazer (Flosstradamus remix)



Wrestle Hustle is the leading website covering Australian professional wrestling, I also contribute articles and DVD reviews(including the top 50 finishing moves from WWE and the 2006 Timeline featuring Fit Finlay from Kayfabe Commentaries.- Click to read 

Rasslin' Memories interviewed former AWA world Champion Nick Bockwinkel and Karl Laurer- click to listen

Mike Mooneyham covers an ECW documentary that is 12 years in the making- click to read.

The Old School Wrestling Podcast review the infamous Lex Luger and Brusier Brody cage match- Click to Listen

Roundtable Wrestling Radio from August 20,2012 - Click to listen

FEAR THE PUNGO YANKEE CANDLE- draft completed yesterday

No lineup moves made.
QBCam Newton, Car QB
Sun 4:25436923.1----32nd95.4100.0+0
RBBenJarvus Green-Ellis, Cin RB  Q
Mon 7:00291489.3----3rd59.7100.0+0
RBDeMarco Murray, Dal RB
Wed 8:30301438.9----23rd100.0100.0+0
WRMiles Austin, Dal WR  Q
Wed 8:30501438.9----26th67.0100.0+0
WRLarry Fitzgerald, Ari WR
Sun 4:25727116.9----9th100.0100.0+0
WRSantonio Holmes, NYJ WR  P
Sun 1:00381579.8----14th18.6100.0+0
TEBrent Celek, Phi TE
Sun 1:001116810.5----14th21.267.5+0.1
D/STRavens D/ST D/ST
Mon 7:00431519.7----11th93.1100.0+0
KDavid Akers, SF K
Sun 4:25118311.4----5th97.9100.0+0
BenchJahvid Best*, Det RB  O
Sun 1:00381116.9----29th6.834.0-24.4
BenchRobert Griffin III, Wsh QB
Sun 1:00----------27th22.4100.0+0
BenchDustin Keller, NYJ TE  Q
Sun 1:001016910.6----32nd9.237.1-3.4
BenchChristian Ponder, Min QB
Sun 1:0027966.0----9th0.65.9-1.5
BenchBeanie Wells, Ari RB  P
Sun 4:252116810.5----17th36.3100.0+0
BenchMike Williams, TB WR
Sun 4:25441489.3----13th3.568.0+1.1
BenchKellen Winslow, Sea TE
Sun 4:25121589.9----8th8.938.9-0.2