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2012 Royal Rumble Roundtable Wrestling Radio Jan 30/2012

Joey 924, Jobber Joe, The Byron , Pat McDermott and Simply Dvyne discuss WWE Royal Rumble 2012 , Brodus Clay , Sheamus , Ricardo , Road Dogg , Mick Foley , WWE 12 patch, WWE Raw , Daniel Bryan , Booker T , CM Punk , Undertaker, HHH, ROH , Shelton Benjamin and more

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Thank you to my friend Dan Daniels for sending me the link to this classic wrestling page
Gentleman Ed Francis with tons of cool vintage wrestling pictures, blogs and clippings of wrestling from the last century.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Royal Rumble 2012

The Rumble is in the books, the undercard felt well like an opening act I wish I had missed- of course I was filled with anticipation for the Rumble match itself. There were many memorable moments in this year's Rumble match , Kofi does a handstand to save himself and then walks on his hands to the steps to get back into the match , Mr Socko tangled with the Cobra , The Road Dogg Billy Gunn and the first Rumble Winner Hacksaw Jim Duggan filled nostalgia slots and Alberto Del Rio's MC entered the rumble in a beat up hooptie- funny stuff. We had a new winner Sheamus - sure Sheamus was prematurely pushed to the top a couple of years ago- but I have always felt that Sheamus had all of the ingredients to be a champion in WWE- so I am happy with his win. I was underwhelmed by the event- but was fine with the Rumble match and it's result.

Someone made a Rumble Highlights package using WWE 12- not 100% the highlights I was looking for - but well made package

Rumors are flying around the internet that Mike Tyson will be inducted in the celeb wing of the WWE Hall of Fame.

Here is Tyson and Austin from Raw 1998

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Rumble Sunday

Above image is from the SPW May event at Scope Exhibition Center- a 12 team Battle Royal!

My favorite PPV and match type of each year is tonight- the Royal Rumble from WWE. 30 men have a chance to win a main event title shot @ this year's Wrestlemania. While WWE tries to push the notion that anyone can win , it usually is a main-event guy or close to that getting the final shove/push to the top, last year they teased company clown Santino Marella winning the coveted slot, but in the end Mexican aristocrat Alberto Del Rio won the match and got to open Mania. Although the easy choice and pick to win would be Randy Orton, since he is a very over face competing in his hometown , I think announcing his return from injury a week early is an indication that he will not win(I COULD BE WRONG). I think he will be so mad at Wade Barrett that he will be as focused on banishing and beating up the Barrett Barrage as winning the match. I would not mind Sheamus winning, he has been on a major roll, but I don't think that will happen. My favorite scenario would have Chris Jericho(the best in the world at what he does) wins the match and challenges CM Punk( Best in the World) and Daniel Bryan for a unification match at Mania. This is the year to have that match, Rock and Cena is strong enough to fill most of an hour with entrances and whatnot and if HHH fights Taker that will eat up another 30+ minutes, also rumors are running that the Money in Bank PPV has been cancelled to fold that match back into Mania. Also rumors are out there that Cody Rhodes and Goldust may tangle at Mania(although prelim interactions between the 2 seemed to have evaporated).
Could Christian return tonight and help former friend/foe Jericho to the win? I don't know , I am merely speculating, that is the fun of the Royal Rumble, every single countdown leads to endless possibilities ( could Meng return again- I mean Haku), etc.
These are all random notions , not predictions. I guess - I don't know.
All I know is I can't wait for this event.

And here is TNA in the UK

Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Royal Rumble

The Royal Rumble match is my favorite wrestling match each year- here are some of my favorite moments(not all). I can't wait for Royal Rumble 2012.

Vintage Roundtable Wrestling Radio discussing Rumble memories - Click and Listen/Right Click and Save

Apparently Dangerous Minds slowed down "Don't Worry Be Happy" by Bobby McFerrin and found it sounded similar to Andre the Giant

In the 90s I was the person with the fliers

Friday, January 27, 2012

Spartacus & Rome

Above photo has nothing to with the movie and show mentioned below but everything to do with my internal giddiness!

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The acclaimed Oscar picture by legendary director Stanley Kubrick. I love most Kubrick from his early outing the noir heist classic The Killing to his fetish outing Eyes Wide Shut and I wanted to love this sword and sandal opus about the slave uprising in Italy. Although it is a lovely movie with tons of amazing landscapes, interesting training camp scenes and massive pitched battles, the whole enterprise is hamstrung by an annoying and intrusive score. The score really cloys when Jean Simmons and Kirk Douglas lock eyes or interact or canoodle. Is this a terrible movie, no of course not, but for me this classic was something I only want to see once, I think I would even pass on seeing it in a theater. Maybe too much of the plot has been given away over time, or maybe I have seen too many sword and sandal epics recently. I admit it was funny hearing Tony Curtis' pronounced Brooklyn accent in such a setting, but overall this pompous endeavor had me zoning out during it's 3 hour plus running time. B-

Rome - this HBO series ran for 2 seasons. A mixture of debauchery, violence and political maneuvering mixed with a solider buddy cop love affair, I loved this series the first and second time I watched it. I know it is not perfect and maybe a bit over the top with the violence. I also admit I was deliciously distracted by the All Roads lead to Rome feature , a pop-up video device that underscored almost every minute of the series giving background and factoids on the key-players, their gods and the historical circumstances. Worth checking out or Netflixing.

Here is the trailer for a movie that seems to have been forgotten but is worth checking out.

Something Weird Video

Looking for off kilter cinema and cult classics- this is a great place to search

G.L.O.W. documentary coming soon/Beastie Interview

Beastie from GLOW -“I’m pretty sure after G.L.O.W. with all that aqua-net , glitter and g-strings we probably created global warming They should have banned g-strings from that point.”- Beastie

Interview with Beastie from March of 2010- Click and Listen , Right Click and Save

Trailer for the new documentary about the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling can be found here

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Classic, Vintage and other Wrestling

Sterling Williams 2011

Spaceman Hickey picture by Dan Daniels 1970

Tired of WWE, bored of TNA - want something else something more

Check out Classic Pro Wrestling Gallery on facebook for tons of vintage pictures from the 50's thru the 80s.

Looking for a good wrestling documentary check out Memphis Heat for a British spin on wrestling documentary try out Hard Knocks

A local interview with TNA talent gearing up for their Feb 10th appearance in the 757 (Hampton Roads) Virginia

Looking for cheap vintage Puro, Lucha and World of Sport Wrestling check out IVP videos

True Grit (2010) & The Trip(2010)

True Grit -The new fangled remix of the old fashioned man hunt was a good supplement to my late luncheon of Kao Pad today. Heilee Stienfeld does an excellent job as the revenge driven child in the wild west. Jeff Bridges is great as the drunken old coot and the Coen brothers do a good job with this remake. Worth checking out on Netflix streaming or Epics if you have either, maybe not an essential classic worth owning, but worth the investment of time to watch. B

The Trip - Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon take a culinary trek north in England , mixing comedy with stunning landscapes and minimalist dishes this is a fun mid-life voyage. Not a rollicking comedy, but it does have some moments of hilarity, including a funny contest of Michael Caine impersonations. Worth streaming if you like Coogan's comedic stylings. B-

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tully Blanchard Roundtable Wrestling Radio 1/23/12

2012 WWE Hall of Famer and member of the legendary Four Horsemen Tully Blanchard joins Roundtable Wrestling Radio to talk about being inducted into the Hall of Fame , his thoughts on the other 4 Horsemen, NWA , WWF, James J Dillon and so much more

Joey 924,Jobber Joe, The Byron and Pat McDermott discuss WWE Raw, TNA Impact, WWE Smackdown, Brodus Clay, William Regal , CM Punk, Johnny Ace, Kane, Eve Torres,Chris Jericho and more

Roundtable Wrestling Radio is a pro wrestling and pop culture podcast.

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Monday, January 23, 2012

Foxy Brown & Buck Rogers in the 25th Century

Foxy Brown (1974)-

Classic blaxploitation flick starring the lovely Pam Grier as the sista with street smarts. Her brother Antonio Fargas is always working the hustle- numbers, pushing, etc. Foxy crosses paths with a notorious sex trade gang due to the nefarious ways of her wayward sibling. Some rather harrowing scenes. Former football player and AWA wrestler Hard-Boiled Haggerty is part of the second act problem when he takes liberties with the lead character while she is tied to bed and strung out on heroin. Some funny scenes and vintage clothing make this a decent time capsule for the era- not something to go bid crazy for on eBay- but not a bad choice for a retro movie. The DVD has a commentary track by the director. C+

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (1979-1980)

Gil Gerrard is Captain William “Buck” Rogers – he wakes up in the future and is constantly saving the world while Wilma Dering (Erin Grey) and Princess Ardala (Pamela Hensley) vie for his thick-thighed attention. In the episode Escape from Wedded Bliss-Ardala blackmails Buck into marrying her. As part of Draconian custom he must fight Tiger Man (Played by pro wrestler Hard-Boiled Haggerty) to prove his worthiness as the royal groom. This episode features a roller disco reception that has to be seen to be believed. The entire series is on DVD- very cheesy 70s sci-fi – this series only lasted 2 seasons. The real standout episode for so bad it’s awesome fun is the “Space Rockers” episode featuring Jerry Orbach and Richard Moll. I loved this show as a kid – and still have a crush on Erin Grey( she looked incredible when I met her at a con a few years back). Unless you have nostalgia for the show or love low brow sci-fi this is not worth seeking out. C+

Goldfinger and The Godfather

Goldfinger (1964) – Hollywood went to central casting for this odd job- and got Harold Sakata – who wrestled as Tosh Togo to be the menacing henchman in this Sean Connery classic James Bond movie. A solid action movie still worth seeing for 007 fans and for action fans- still holds up against today’s action movies-although this movie seems reserved in it ‘s stunts compared to modern Bond flicks- Connery more than compensates with his macho swagger.. Sakata appeared in several movies and television shows including The Wrestler- but was usually cast as the domineering bad guy. A

The Godfather (1972)

My first encounter with the Godfather saga was the Mad Magazine parody- actually that was usually my first encounter with any action movie that came out when I was growing up. Because my mother eschewed macho movies for more family friendly children’s movies like Fantasia and Pollyanna – the upside is that she did get Mad Magazine every month for years- so I got to experience Mad parodies of such classics as the Shindig and SuperDooperMan instead of seeing their cinematic counterparts.

The Godfather is breathtaking in its violence (memorable executions) and its beauty (the Italian countryside, the lovely bride). This classic film from Francis Ford Coppola features a superb cast that includes film noir stalwarts like Sterling Hayden (Asphalt Jungle) and Richard Conte (The Big Combo) along with several A-List superstars (Pacino, Duvall , Brando ,etc.) . Do yourself a favor and don’t settle for the commercially interrupted versions that Spike offer – this is worth owning and if you are not the type that owns DVDs or Blu-Ray- at least watch this movie one time in your life intact-or if you ever can in the theater..

Luca Brasi was portrayed by longtime grappler Lenny Montana( he also appears in the hilarious Steve Martin vehicle The Jerk from 1979 as a con man) – he is the scary man reciting his speech for the don at the wedding scene that openings the picture. Ironically Montana also spent some time in the mob (according to his Wikipedia page).

Thank you to Sheldon Goldberg for clueing me in regarding Montana’s contribution to this cinematic masterpiece and giving me an excuse to watch this movie again. A+

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Against All Odds

Against All Odds (1984 Columbia Pictures)

This Taylor Hackford retelling of the classic noir Out of the Past features Jeff Bridges pursuing Rachel Ward( hot body- but such a mom haircut in this movie) to Mexico. Bridges is a recently cut wide-out for the fictional Los Angeles Outlaws. He is also hiding a debt to a bookie. In order to earn his way free he agrees to track down the daughter of the team owner. When he finally finds her- they start to canoodle in the jungle and the ocean and in a hut and in some ruins. Former NFL great and part time grappler Alex Karras is also retained by the bookie to find his wayward WR and ex-girlfriend .This movie features some terrible over-acting, cliché dialogue and some great on-location scenery. The macho car chase at the beginning of the movie between the waived receiver and the smarmy gambler portrayed by James Woods is a decent scene. The movie is also redeemed by Kid Creole and the Coconuts performing “My Male Curiosity” in a night club- that redemption is doubled with the full video being included on the DVD. The DVD includes audio commentary by the director, deleted scenes and trailers for some superior Jeff Bridges movies (The Last Picture Show and Starman). This is not something to seek out- although Rachel Ward’s overacting is always great for a soundbite or mashup. The DVD also has the video for the title song sung by Phil Collins.

The movie is compelling in part because of the great score and soundtrack – but hindered by a plot that feels part Out of the Past and part Chinatown. In an attempt to add to the noir credibility of the film, veteran actor Richard Widmark (Kiss of Death, Night and the City) is the evil man in the shadows. C-

Boardwalk Empire Season 1

Boardwalk Empire has all the elements to be my new favorite television show. However it ain't. I mean Steve Buscemi is aces as Nucky the corrupt county treasurer and his adversary the seemingly pious prohibition officer are interesting. I love the sets and the wardrobe on this show that strives to be overly accurate. For me the show falls down when it follows the moody Jimmy Darmody , I understand he is a veteran of the gruesome great war, but what a jerk. I know Nucky is a charming man who will order murder when he has to, but his character is fleshed out to perfection by veteran actor Steve Buscemi. Michael Shannon is riveting as the driven and conflicted prohibition officer Nelson Van Alden, although his righteousness can be a bit over the top at times. I wanted to love Michael Kenneth Williams as Chalky White, and maybe I will get into the character more during the Klan war in season 2.

But as I said all the elements , gangsters, historical setting, good creative

But I am not emotionally invested in the characters, I watched season 1 box set more out of inertia than sheer want-to. Is Boardwalk Empire terrible,no. I just know I am not subscribing to HBO simply to watch it.

Funky Ron Simmons

Former WCW World Champion Ron Simmons cuts a promo - I add in some funk- check it out

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

2011 Audio Junk Time Capsule

Audio Junk attacks 2011 with songs from the score for the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Trent Reznor & Atticus Finch , The Original 7ven, Steel Panther , also clips from Charlie Sheen, Coach Sandusky and so much more -
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