Sunday, January 22, 2012

Boardwalk Empire Season 1

Boardwalk Empire has all the elements to be my new favorite television show. However it ain't. I mean Steve Buscemi is aces as Nucky the corrupt county treasurer and his adversary the seemingly pious prohibition officer are interesting. I love the sets and the wardrobe on this show that strives to be overly accurate. For me the show falls down when it follows the moody Jimmy Darmody , I understand he is a veteran of the gruesome great war, but what a jerk. I know Nucky is a charming man who will order murder when he has to, but his character is fleshed out to perfection by veteran actor Steve Buscemi. Michael Shannon is riveting as the driven and conflicted prohibition officer Nelson Van Alden, although his righteousness can be a bit over the top at times. I wanted to love Michael Kenneth Williams as Chalky White, and maybe I will get into the character more during the Klan war in season 2.

But as I said all the elements , gangsters, historical setting, good creative

But I am not emotionally invested in the characters, I watched season 1 box set more out of inertia than sheer want-to. Is Boardwalk Empire terrible,no. I just know I am not subscribing to HBO simply to watch it.

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