Monday, January 30, 2012

Royal Rumble 2012

The Rumble is in the books, the undercard felt well like an opening act I wish I had missed- of course I was filled with anticipation for the Rumble match itself. There were many memorable moments in this year's Rumble match , Kofi does a handstand to save himself and then walks on his hands to the steps to get back into the match , Mr Socko tangled with the Cobra , The Road Dogg Billy Gunn and the first Rumble Winner Hacksaw Jim Duggan filled nostalgia slots and Alberto Del Rio's MC entered the rumble in a beat up hooptie- funny stuff. We had a new winner Sheamus - sure Sheamus was prematurely pushed to the top a couple of years ago- but I have always felt that Sheamus had all of the ingredients to be a champion in WWE- so I am happy with his win. I was underwhelmed by the event- but was fine with the Rumble match and it's result.

Someone made a Rumble Highlights package using WWE 12- not 100% the highlights I was looking for - but well made package

Rumors are flying around the internet that Mike Tyson will be inducted in the celeb wing of the WWE Hall of Fame.

Here is Tyson and Austin from Raw 1998

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