Sunday, January 29, 2012

Rumble Sunday

Above image is from the SPW May event at Scope Exhibition Center- a 12 team Battle Royal!

My favorite PPV and match type of each year is tonight- the Royal Rumble from WWE. 30 men have a chance to win a main event title shot @ this year's Wrestlemania. While WWE tries to push the notion that anyone can win , it usually is a main-event guy or close to that getting the final shove/push to the top, last year they teased company clown Santino Marella winning the coveted slot, but in the end Mexican aristocrat Alberto Del Rio won the match and got to open Mania. Although the easy choice and pick to win would be Randy Orton, since he is a very over face competing in his hometown , I think announcing his return from injury a week early is an indication that he will not win(I COULD BE WRONG). I think he will be so mad at Wade Barrett that he will be as focused on banishing and beating up the Barrett Barrage as winning the match. I would not mind Sheamus winning, he has been on a major roll, but I don't think that will happen. My favorite scenario would have Chris Jericho(the best in the world at what he does) wins the match and challenges CM Punk( Best in the World) and Daniel Bryan for a unification match at Mania. This is the year to have that match, Rock and Cena is strong enough to fill most of an hour with entrances and whatnot and if HHH fights Taker that will eat up another 30+ minutes, also rumors are running that the Money in Bank PPV has been cancelled to fold that match back into Mania. Also rumors are out there that Cody Rhodes and Goldust may tangle at Mania(although prelim interactions between the 2 seemed to have evaporated).
Could Christian return tonight and help former friend/foe Jericho to the win? I don't know , I am merely speculating, that is the fun of the Royal Rumble, every single countdown leads to endless possibilities ( could Meng return again- I mean Haku), etc.
These are all random notions , not predictions. I guess - I don't know.
All I know is I can't wait for this event.

And here is TNA in the UK

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