Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Wire & The Big Doll House

The season 4 school kids
The high-rise crew from Season 1
My favorite television show is the ultra-realistic and oft times depressing The Wire. Set in Charm City a/k/a Baltimore, Maryland the show first caught my eye when Detective McNulty had his sons chasing/tailing Avon Barksdale at a market in the city. Never has a show haunted me and made me cry as much as this show- the season 4 story arc following 4 youths as they enter middle school and their divergent paths is touching ,endearing and gut wrenching. On the other hand- the dry wit and the cutting dialogue mixed with the grittiness and the fully fleshed out characters that felt as real as my next door neighbor. I just finished re-watching all 5 seasons on DVD. I knew the last season would be a little off kilter and it sucks seeing the demise or slow downturn of papers like the Baltimore Sun, but even so - the cast and the writing are better than anything I have seen before or since.

Not just a cop show or a procedural, even though when they get to work on a case-they have every detail buttoned down, The Wire is an in-depth character study from the young hoppers to the Mayor and many in-between. The best way to see the show is from beginning to end- invest the time and it will be worth it.

If you want to learn more about the show check out the solid and well written The Wire: The Truth Be Told by staff writer Bryan Alvarez

Idris Alba who played Stringer Bell is now the star of the award winning crime show Luther set in London- season 2 is now on Netflix streaming.

The Wire still manages to capture the imagination of the public and has spawned 2 funny parodies this year

One a hilarious musical featuring some original cast members from Funny or Die- Click to watch

Or check out the Lego Version

After the all too realistic and compelling The Wire- I needed some out and out escapist exploitation - The Big Doll House fit the bill perfectly- action, nudity and bizarre dialogue make this a fun grindhouse romp. The trailer is NSFW

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Roundtable Wrestling Radio Feb 27 , 2012 - the Rock Returns

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Brand new Music from Matthew Shipp

This is Matthew Shipp Trio-Psychic Counterpart. It is track 03 off their album Elastic Aspects. Elastic Aspects is a 2012 Thirsty Ear Recordings production

we have puta couple of tracks from new cd on you tube--but don't let that stop you from preordering the actual cd on amazon---we will only be keeping cuts on you tube for a while

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Brand new Roundtable Wrestling Radio

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Also ROH is releasing a 2 disc set of CM Punk in ROH from 2005 you can order direct from ROH online- but this is a set they should release to retail also- can't wait.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

SPW Tough Love/WWE Elimination Chamber /New Roundtable Wrestling Radio - Top Moments of 2002-2012

Ray Storm and Lance Lude in the ropes
Mark Anthony and raffle winner Mike Williams
Ray Storm presses Lance Lude
The vocal stylings of Nate Mustang
SPW TV Champion Sam Bass with manager Mr. Salazar
Tonight I am going to SPW Tough Love 3 @ the SPW Action Zone in Virginia Beach

I will be going to Buffalo Wild Wings on Upton Drive in Virginia Beach, Va to watch WWE Elimination Chamber tomorrow night. Rumor has it this is a test run for the venue since WWE has raised the price for showing events in bars from 200 to 700 bucks. This increase sounds like a non-starter- like WWE does not want to be in the blast zone business anymore. I honestly hope they move the big 4 PPVs to theaters- I think it would be a fun setting.

Meanwhile Jim Cornette may be rubbing some wrong in ROH according to this article.

Updated Dragon Gate results in this link.

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An all new Roundtable Wrestling Radio show with your Panel ...Joey 9:24 - The Byron - Jennifer Solis & Pat mcdermott ...on this episode we look back at the best of the best from the past decade in wrestling !

This is a decent source for wrestling news and rumors- Lords of Pain

Want a fun podcast covering WCW War Games 1996 - check out the latest Old School Wrestling Podcast

Thursday, February 16, 2012

RIP Gary Carter also wrestling a/k/a and new Audio Junk

RIP Hall of Fame catcher Gary Carter who plied his trade for the Montreal Expos and the New York Mets in the 1980s.

WWE has changed the name of indie wrestling standout Chris Hero to Kassius Ohno - first they change the catchy alliteration of Claudio Castignoli to something else and now this. I miss the old days of wrestlers building their name and reputation around the country and in magazines- building a resume of ass-kicking around the globe- now Nigel McGuiness becomes Desmond Wolf at the drop of a hat and that was in TNA - not to mention the whole Monty Brown fiasco when he jumped to WWE... and um Braden Walker

If you are looking for a good blog that includes old school wrestling check out Karl Stern and his blog .

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy VD

Joey 924, Jobber Joe , The Byron and Pat McDermott discuss TNA in the UK, TNA PPV , update on Jesse Sorenson , Dave Lagana , the tragic death of Whitney Houston , Walking Dead season opener , WWE Smackdown , WWE Raw ,Daniel Bryan , John Cena and Eve Torres kiss , Zack , Kane , The Big Show, WWE 12 and more Roundtable Wrestling Radio is a pro wrestling and pop culture podcast. Contact us at Interact at the Official Roundtable Wrestling Radio group page on

RIP Whitney Houston - maybe I did not love all of her material, but her voice was undeniable. And yes I still love this song.

Check out Bill Dundee in the excellent film Memphis Heat- my favorite Wrestling DVD of 2011

Back to music - I caught the Unsung biography on Ray Parker, Jr- loved his pop and funk songs from the 70s and 80s.

If you want a good sci-fi movie starring a wrestler check out They Live

I have to admit I am on the Jonathan Lin bandwagon

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Wrestlecrap versus Michael Cole / New RWR and more

My first DJ gig of 2012- if you are the 757 check it out
Happy Birthday TARA-now on Impact Thursdays!

I can't wait to see the season opener of Walking Dead.

Video made by Byron from Roundtable Wrestling Radio

The sad ongoing saga of Michael Cole was the 2011 Gooker of the Year according to Wrestlecrap and me- Here is the induction for the Slammy award winning announcer- I miss the cole-mine- but I wish he would evaporate from the airwaves from Wrestlecrap.

Daniel Bryan was featured in the Clip of the Week on the Soup.

WWE Classics on Demand only added 3 things this week- one is a short lived show called Mania from 1993 hosted by Todd Pettingill - he does several voices in the breaks- . The real highlight is this week's WCCW with a great match between Ric Flair and Gentleman Chris Adams -super hot crowd and a good match

All new RWR episode from tonight February 9th , 2012 ...with - Joey 9:24 and VP The Byron ! tonight we discussed, Tna from the uk part 2 , The miz gets yelled at Monday night raw by triple h and Johnny ace , and lots more covered ! ...please leave us feed back and post comments about the show here below ...thank you all for the support you give each and every one of us ! ....enjoy the show and enjoy Byron's brand new "official ROUNDTABLE WRESTLING RADIO theme"

Classic promo

PWG and CZW recaps. A former WWE WCW ECW world champion is making his return to the indies. Update on R-Truth,Batista in a new movie. Update on Jimmy Snuka's surgery.More of Hulk Hogan's lies. The Miz in the Doghouse?? Does Jim Ross hate TNA? Whose inducting who at this years HOF? AJW,NJPW NOAH and much much more!!!

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It has been announced that Smash out of Japan will be closing down. Rumors are circling that Tajiri may be coming back to WWE- I would love that since he is one of favorite grapplers.

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Dub Stepping Over the Line

SPW Crossroads 2011

Wrestling Links and random stuff

OK rumors are flying that Chris Hero has signed with WWE- what do you think his new name will be? #ChantClaudio

Of the batch that is not a WWE release I really like the 77 TV movie Mad Bull with Alex Karras and the 2011 documentary Card Subject to Change about indie promotions.

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ok I got the 5 dollar box from Taco Bell - time to win a PS Vita,,,, oh - well did not win...

Audio Junk is my music podcast- it goes from being the most random show on the planet to having themes on occasion - this week's show doubles as part of my playlist for a bar show so it is very uptempo with an emphasis on rocking out - mixing everything from Black Jesus to Steel Panther

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