Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Brand new Roundtable Wrestling Radio

Roundtable Wrestling Radio Click to Listen/Right Click to Save

Joey 924, Jobber Joe , The Byron and Pat McDermott discuss WWE Elimination Chamber PPV, WWE Smackdown, WWE Raw, CM Punk shaved , Chris Jericho , Wade Barrett injury , Santino , HHH, Undertaker , R-Truth , Celebrity Apprentice, Mania matchups, Walking Dead , Celebrity Apprentice, Chris Brown vs CM Punk on Twitter , Rex King, Over Babyface and Effective Heel from Kayfabe Commentary DVD and more

Roundtable Wrestling Radio is a pro wrestling and pop culture podcast

contact us roundtablewrestlingradio@gmail.com

interact Official Roundtable Wrestling Radio group page

listen live http://www.justin.tv/byron_tv25

Also ROH is releasing a 2 disc set of CM Punk in ROH from 2005 you can order direct from ROH online- but this is a set they should release to retail also- can't wait.

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