Wednesday, February 01, 2012


Bridesmaids was a pleasant surprise, sure it had it's sentimental mush, but overall this was a ballsy rollick headlined by SNL cast member Kristen Weig. Ironically I liked this 2 hour long visit with Weig more than many of her reoccurring characters on SNL. She was the perfect best friend in a romantic comedy that also is the romantic lead. Mixing over the top bathroom humor with a superb cast this movie managed to take the notion of a wedding comedy and make it fun for both guys and gals. This is well worth a Netflix slot. B+

I watched part one of the Martin Scorsese documentary about Bob Dylan tonight. I simply love Dylan's lyrics , they are concise and vague at the same time. I loved what I have seen and can't wait to watch part 2 tomorrow on Netflix streaming.

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