Monday, February 06, 2012

M.I.A. Super Bowl + Vintage wrestling

M.I.A. finger malfunctions - world reacts- I guess this eliminated the whispers about the robotic lip-synching by Madonna. The finger still irritates I guess- I know it is an effective way to get heat. Since extending a middle finger to the backup QB in high school led to my last fight in high school and ended my winning streak-lol.

This is probably my favorite use of the middle finger- from Robert Townshend's Hollywood Shuffle

Congrats to local (Virginia Beach,VA ) man for winning one million dollars for his Doritos commercial during the orgy of capitalism that ensued last night.

Of course this is still my favorite halftime show

Combat Zone Wrestling has a new World Champion Scotty Vortekz. He won the strap in Indy on Feb 4.

Roddy Piper hosts World of Hurt - think Tough Enough with tons of bleeps - sadly this is not being shown in the US- I hope that changes

I can't wait to check out the Wrestling Retribution Project

My fave of the new batch of WWE YouTube shows - Are You Serious" - a look back at wrestling gaffes and mishaps

And once again - my favorite wrestling movie of 2011- check out Memphis Heat

Herman Munster takes to the mat

And now footage from Mid-Atlantic Championship wrestling from back when

If you are looking for good sources to listen to new music The Hype Machine is a good place for variety in genre and vintage,

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