Friday, February 03, 2012

New Xpac and Marty Janetty Interviews + Wrestling Links & DJ JOE INC gig

You can call it a comeback - my second gig in 2 years- odd considering I used to DJ 3 different places every Friday for awhile( of course that means eventually I lost all 3 gigs). I am DJing the Veer Magazine Music Awards After Party at the Colley Cantina in Norfolk,VA on Feb 15,2011 at 9 pm EST - the mix will be more rock and roll than club cuts - think punk/rock/blues/hardcore/rockabilly/funk etc. Hope to see you there.

Brand new Roundtable Wrestling Radio Feb 2,2012 with Joey 924 & The Byron- Click to Listen/Right Click and Save

Brand new Old School Wrestling Podcast episode covering a match between Bull Nakano versus AJA Kong can be found by clicking this link

Looking for classic images and matches from wrestling from the 1980s and earlier check out this excellent group page on facebook Classic Pro Wrestling Gallery

Looking for a great wrestling movie and documentary check out Memphis Heat

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine is currently available on Netflix Streaming- the show still holds up after all these years and is my favorite Trek series bar none. Several Morn sitings in the first 4 episodes.

If you like British comedy I would suggest checking out Peep Show - a really fun britcom where you can actually hear the inner thoughts of the protagonists. If that is too gimmicky and you like sketch comedy check out That Mitchell and Webb look - a very funny series featuring the 2 main characters from Peep Show.

Season one of Luther and Louie are also on Netflix streaming- one funny the other a golden globe winner and both superb.

I honestly don't know who will win the Super Bowl Sunday- but I wouldn't mind the evil Patriots winning-

Ring Ka King episode 2

RIP Ben Gazzara

Brand new Crestfallen podcast Doom sludge and stoner rock podcast

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