Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Roundtable Wrestling Radio Feb 6, 2012 Super Ball Jericho Speaks

Joey 924 , Jobber Joe , The Byron , Simply Devyne and Pat McDermott discuss TNA UK , WWE Smackdown , WWE Raw , The Oklahoma crowd , Y2J speaks, R-Truth update, CM Punk , Middle finger mayhem , M.I.A. , SNL , WWE 12 patch updates and more

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The most recent Audio Junk - very uptempo rock episode- check it out from the chop shop of sound.

Music flashback - here are videos from some shows I booked back in the 90s- shot by Mitch Kirsner from Fantasy in Hampton VA

The following are all shows from the Bait Shack in Waterside in Norfolk,VA - Another Stoopid Kar Production

I love mashups(when done right)

I liked this ditty from Super Sunday

which reminded of another tune using Flo-Rida in a mashup

I really enjoyed this week's episode of Portlandia- specially the discussion regarding what albums to stock in the pre-school library

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