Saturday, February 18, 2012

SPW Tough Love/WWE Elimination Chamber /New Roundtable Wrestling Radio - Top Moments of 2002-2012

Ray Storm and Lance Lude in the ropes
Mark Anthony and raffle winner Mike Williams
Ray Storm presses Lance Lude
The vocal stylings of Nate Mustang
SPW TV Champion Sam Bass with manager Mr. Salazar
Tonight I am going to SPW Tough Love 3 @ the SPW Action Zone in Virginia Beach

I will be going to Buffalo Wild Wings on Upton Drive in Virginia Beach, Va to watch WWE Elimination Chamber tomorrow night. Rumor has it this is a test run for the venue since WWE has raised the price for showing events in bars from 200 to 700 bucks. This increase sounds like a non-starter- like WWE does not want to be in the blast zone business anymore. I honestly hope they move the big 4 PPVs to theaters- I think it would be a fun setting.

Meanwhile Jim Cornette may be rubbing some wrong in ROH according to this article.

Updated Dragon Gate results in this link.

Brand new Roundtable Wrestling Radio covering the best moments and matches of the last 10 years in professional wrestling. Click to Listen/Right Click to Save
An all new Roundtable Wrestling Radio show with your Panel ...Joey 9:24 - The Byron - Jennifer Solis & Pat mcdermott ...on this episode we look back at the best of the best from the past decade in wrestling !

This is a decent source for wrestling news and rumors- Lords of Pain

Want a fun podcast covering WCW War Games 1996 - check out the latest Old School Wrestling Podcast

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