Sunday, February 05, 2012

Super Bowl Sunday

A week after my favorite wrestling concept of the year , it is now time for my favorite sport to take center stage. Yes football is my favorite sport, even aspired to play it as a youth- but it was not to be ( more a transportation issue)

My fave Super Bowl memories- well the Redskins winning 3 of them. I remember having to listen to the Rams and Steelers Superbowl on a transistor radio because our power had been knocked out due to a snowstorm, I remember DJing at the 4400 Campus Club in Norfolk in the 90s and everyone being upset that the Cowboys beat the Steelers. My most vivid memory of the Superbowl is when the Redskins put 35 points on the board in the 2nd quarter of their confrontation with the Denver Broncos- I was still in college. Ferrum College a junior college football factory and my floor in Chapman Hall was the home of most of the freshman football players so after every touchdown the halls were filled with cheering and mayhem.

Tonight I want the Patriots to win, I love their efficient offense when it is clicking and I am hoping they put on a show tonight.

I really enjoyed Impact from the UK- what a great crowd. I wish that TNA executives would listen to how over Samoa Joe is with live audiences- not just here but also at BFG 2011- he should be a top level guy-he is a unique grappler with tremendous in-ring talent. I am happy they are pushing guys like Roode and Storm, but other guys like Crimson and Gunner do zilch for me. The knockouts division is better than the WWE divas- but there is room for improvement. I loved the idea of a local guy challenging for the X-Division strap and I hope Mark Haskins is doing ok after his horrific bump.

I really like Daniel Bryan's heel turn

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