Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Wire & The Big Doll House

The season 4 school kids
The high-rise crew from Season 1
My favorite television show is the ultra-realistic and oft times depressing The Wire. Set in Charm City a/k/a Baltimore, Maryland the show first caught my eye when Detective McNulty had his sons chasing/tailing Avon Barksdale at a market in the city. Never has a show haunted me and made me cry as much as this show- the season 4 story arc following 4 youths as they enter middle school and their divergent paths is touching ,endearing and gut wrenching. On the other hand- the dry wit and the cutting dialogue mixed with the grittiness and the fully fleshed out characters that felt as real as my next door neighbor. I just finished re-watching all 5 seasons on DVD. I knew the last season would be a little off kilter and it sucks seeing the demise or slow downturn of papers like the Baltimore Sun, but even so - the cast and the writing are better than anything I have seen before or since.

Not just a cop show or a procedural, even though when they get to work on a case-they have every detail buttoned down, The Wire is an in-depth character study from the young hoppers to the Mayor and many in-between. The best way to see the show is from beginning to end- invest the time and it will be worth it.

If you want to learn more about the show check out the solid and well written The Wire: The Truth Be Told by staff writer Bryan Alvarez

Idris Alba who played Stringer Bell is now the star of the award winning crime show Luther set in London- season 2 is now on Netflix streaming.

The Wire still manages to capture the imagination of the public and has spawned 2 funny parodies this year

One a hilarious musical featuring some original cast members from Funny or Die- Click to watch

Or check out the Lego Version

After the all too realistic and compelling The Wire- I needed some out and out escapist exploitation - The Big Doll House fit the bill perfectly- action, nudity and bizarre dialogue make this a fun grindhouse romp. The trailer is NSFW

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