Thursday, February 09, 2012

Wrestlecrap versus Michael Cole / New RWR and more

My first DJ gig of 2012- if you are the 757 check it out
Happy Birthday TARA-now on Impact Thursdays!

I can't wait to see the season opener of Walking Dead.

Video made by Byron from Roundtable Wrestling Radio

The sad ongoing saga of Michael Cole was the 2011 Gooker of the Year according to Wrestlecrap and me- Here is the induction for the Slammy award winning announcer- I miss the cole-mine- but I wish he would evaporate from the airwaves from Wrestlecrap.

Daniel Bryan was featured in the Clip of the Week on the Soup.

WWE Classics on Demand only added 3 things this week- one is a short lived show called Mania from 1993 hosted by Todd Pettingill - he does several voices in the breaks- . The real highlight is this week's WCCW with a great match between Ric Flair and Gentleman Chris Adams -super hot crowd and a good match

All new RWR episode from tonight February 9th , 2012 ...with - Joey 9:24 and VP The Byron ! tonight we discussed, Tna from the uk part 2 , The miz gets yelled at Monday night raw by triple h and Johnny ace , and lots more covered ! ...please leave us feed back and post comments about the show here below ...thank you all for the support you give each and every one of us ! ....enjoy the show and enjoy Byron's brand new "official ROUNDTABLE WRESTLING RADIO theme"

Classic promo

PWG and CZW recaps. A former WWE WCW ECW world champion is making his return to the indies. Update on R-Truth,Batista in a new movie. Update on Jimmy Snuka's surgery.More of Hulk Hogan's lies. The Miz in the Doghouse?? Does Jim Ross hate TNA? Whose inducting who at this years HOF? AJW,NJPW NOAH and much much more!!!

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It has been announced that Smash out of Japan will be closing down. Rumors are circling that Tajiri may be coming back to WWE- I would love that since he is one of favorite grapplers.

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