Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Roundtable Wrestling Radio March 26,2012 the road to WrestleMania

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Joey 924, SmokedOut , Jobber Joe, The Byron, Pat McDermott, Sienna Duvall and Jennifer Solis discuss WWE Raw, Wrestlemania, The Rock , Shane Douglas, TNA, A Double , ROH , Showdown in the Sun, Lance Storm , Mike Awesome, John Cena , CM Punk, Chris Jericho , Bock Lesnar, Walking Dead and more

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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Brand new Audio Junk and Roundtable Wrestling Radio

Thursday's RWR covering TNA Impact, WWE and more- Click to go to the show file

The Most recent Chronic Connection covering wrestling in Japan/Shane Douglas invading Raw and more - Click to Listen//Right Click to Save

A good article about Arn Anderson by Mike Mooneyham -Click to Read

Brand new Audio Junk - Click to Listen/Right Click to Save -image by Todd Owens
DJ JOE INC -the world's worst mixing DJ throws in new Matthew Shipp, music from Treme , clips and quotes from Noir and more.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Roundtable Wrestling Radio:Top 5 Wrestlemania Matches of All Time March 19 2012

RWR March 19,2012 Click to Listen/Right Click to Save

Joey 924, Jobber Joe, The Byron, Pat McDermott and Sienna Duvall discuss RAW in Philly, Rock, Cena, CM Punk, TNA, A Double, Walking Dead, The crew picks their top 5 Mania matches of all time. Shane Douglas crashes Raw and then is ejected and more

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Sunday, March 18, 2012


Brand new Mike Mooneyham article about Ric Savage's journey after he left the squared circle

In the month of April WWE Classics on Demand will be covering the 80s,
I hope to see more Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling

or Mid South

etc and hopefully a Legends of Wrestling episode featuring the 80s would be nice.

Ring of Honor thoughts- once again Dem Boys cut another great promo- love the feud between them and Haas and Benjamin . Also glad to see Lance Storm cutting a promo setting up his match against Mike Bennett

Smackdown random thoughts - "I don't get it.the dress just looks so much better on the mannequin"-Daniel Bryan dissing his gf AJ- That mannequin must of been smokin'.Daniel Bryan is superb as a heel. Very good main event between Jericho and Sheamus.
I liked the remix of the Rock and Cena thing with the pictures and whatnot thrown in. I liked the Orton and Kane promo. While it did not include Orton strumming a banjo or Kane dropping science on Columbus, it gave a reason for the match and while it was a stretch it helped give more insight into why Kane donned the mask again.

Tonight is the Victory Road PPV from TNA - I admit I am not planning on watching - more interested in Norfolk State game at 6:15 - yes I am on the bandwagon- should be fun.And of course tonight is the zombie siege on Living Dead's season finale + the aftermath of the death of Mike Delfino on Desperate Housewives. But here is the opening video for the PPV.

And now a new feature- the film noir of the week- each week I will post links to noir classics that are on YouTube

Local k-9 goes national - the Poop fairy on the Rachael Maddow show

Friday, March 16, 2012

New RWR 3-15-12

Thursday March 15 , 2012 Roundtable Wrestling Radio - Click to Listen/Right Click to Save

The real promo king from Monday


The most recent Old School Wrestling Podcast covering Wrestlemania X8- Click to Listen/Right Click to Save

Random TV thoughts - If 21 Jump Street featured Ron Swanson from Parks and Rec- I would be watching that movie. Green fries- sounds horrible. After an at least 2 season build for the Erin and Andy love story- the actual kiss felt anti-climatic, ironically the UK version of the show ended after the Jim and Pam(I think they had different names-been awhile since I have seen it) kissed- the original UK run only ran 2 short seasons and an Xmas special.
I have really enjoyed this season of Walking Dead- but the AMC show I am amped about is the return of Mad Men on March 25.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Roundtable Wrestling Radio March 12,2012 Rock concert Cena Wrap

Roundtable Wrestling Radio March 12,2012-Click to Listen/Right Click to save

Joey 924, Jobber Joe, The Byron, Sienna Duvall and The Byron discuss WWE Raw in Cleveland , Legends of Wrestling, The Early Days of William Regal DVD, ODB and EY, Abyss, TNA , ROH , Summer of Punk, Chris Jericho promo,Sid Vicious no-shows an indie shot. Hulk Hogan shows too much,Doug Furnas and more

Roundtable Wrestling Radio is a pro wrestling and pop culture podcast

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Coming Friday March 16 @ 4 A.M. EST vintage wrestling movie Flesh on TMC

Flesh (1932) starring Wallace Beery as the loveable lug Polakai who is a pro wrestling champion in Germany. He falls for a grifter who is pregnant with a conman’s baby. Eventually he moves over to the United States. When he approaches the American promoters Polakai is angered because he does not want to wrestle “crooked” and be dishonest for the people. Of course the conman steps in as his manager and convinces his partner to make Polakai play along if you see this on TMC- the drinking game to play is to take a shot every time you hear someone say “SEE”. You can order this DVD from TMC online. It is not for everyone and very dated of course. But it is interesting seeing the backstage dynamics of wrestling as portrayed by Hollywood in the 1930s. Most of the movie is based on the relationship between Beery’s character and the grifter Laura and her con artist love interest. The plot is typical of several boxing movies where the boxer is doing well and then advised to loose- this time it is wrestling. B

Sunday, March 11, 2012

VCW Pius X March 10 2012 and Wrestling Links

I picked up the best of William Regal the Early Years- a good set that you can order from High Spots.com

Images from VCW Pius X show on Saturday March 10,2012
Sam Bass, Mr Salazaar retreat
Paul London being taunted by Diamond Victor Griff
The Champs mag the tag
The ref is down but the action continues
Diamond Victor Griff and Shorty Smalls

Check out the latest column by Mike Mooneyham - he discusses next year's Wrestlemania , Doug Furnas, The Hogan sex tape and more

Nigel McGuiness is filming a documentary about the end of his career - click this link to read more and check out his official web page

Wrestling fans on Staten Island - you can meet and greet Kevin Nash at Sports Heroes and Legends in Staten Island, NY on May 12,2012- for more details click the link

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Dark City

Charlton Heston is the lead character in this fleece and run flick. Dark City is a typical 1950 noir flick with an above average cast that includes Jack Webb playing it up as an evil gutless conman, joined by Ed Begley and Harry Morgan as the kind-hearted ex pugilist. Heston recruits an out of town mark to play cards with his gang of layabouts after his gambling den is raided by the cops for the second time. He is pursued by a lounge singer played by noir go-to dame Lizabeth Scott. This is not worth tracking down, however you can see the entire movie on YouTube or Netflix Streaming. The movie has some decent lines and a good score by Franz Waxman. Also look for Cauliflower Ear Club founder Mike Mazurki in the movie. C

Luke Warm Lee Hansen

Luke Warm Lee Hansen
Elevation X- TNA Destination X in Norfolk 2008

I discuss wrestling with my friend Lee Hansen or as he called himself in wrestling - Luke Warm Lee Hansen. Click to listen, right click to save
Includes music by Level 42 and Luke Haines and comedy by That Mitchell and Webb Look

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

March 5 2012 Roundtable Wrestling Radio

Joey 924, Jobber Joe, The Byron, Pat McDermott and Simply Dvyne discuss WWE Raw, Rock, John Cena, Santino title, Wrestlemania matches from the past,WCW Clash of Champions DVD, CM Punk, Chris Jericho, The Miz, Kahli, Jinder Mahal, Mark Henry, ROH 10th and more

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RIP Doug Furnas

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I finally saw Warrior (2011) about the fictional Sparta tournament in Atlantic City. A clearinghouse of action movie cliches, 2 estranged brothers of an alcoholic father come from nowhere to beat 14 top mixed martial artists and face each other in a final that is designed to grab at heart strings while 2 men pound each other in hamburger helper. Kurt Angle has a cameo as Koba a seemingly unstoppable Russian, while this is better than End Game and a slick big budget production this is a pretty empty gesture at making a fight movie, nothing really rings true and the ending is so utterly predictable I can't believe I finished watching. C-


Sunday, March 04, 2012

ROH 10th , Doug Furnas , Charley Varrick

The buzz around the internet watercooler last week was that WWE wanted to sign some ROH talents- this picture mocks the story - to read more- click the link

The latest column by Mike Mooneyham- this time he covers the loss of testicle lawsuit filed by a wrestler in Indiana against Coliseum Championship Wrestling and his opponent. Click to read more

Netflix Streaming has added several CNBC documentaries including a good one about the UFC- it is slightly dated since it aired in 2009- but interesting nonetheless.

Lucha > Hitler - click to read more

Looking for vintage wrestling pics - check out the Classic Pro Wrestling Gallery on facebook.

Today @ 5 pm is the ROH 10th Year Anniversary Show live for $9.99 on go fight live.

RIP Doug Furnas , he passed away Saturday at the age of 50.

The infamous Don Muraco versus Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka match is revisited by the Old School Wrestling Podcast this week. Click to listen

One of the top international grapplers Prince Devitt is making a stop in Mexico for CMLL

Need an escape- get on the Wrestle Vessel

Yesterday's escape from wrestling was the 1973 heist flick Charley Varrick starring Walter Matthau as a crop duster and bank robber with Joe Don Baker as a hitman and a cast of character actors. Is this the pinnacle of the genre or the era - nah- but it is a good diversion- now on Netflix Streaming

Coming to Va Beach

Friday, March 02, 2012

Roundtable Wrestling Radio March 1,2012

Roundtable Wrestling Radio March 1,2012 - Click to Listen/Right Click to Save
Joey 924, The Byron, Jennifer Solis and Simply Dvyne discuss TNA Impact, Rock vs Cena and more

Bill Apter talks to Nigel McGuinness

Trailer for the new Edge DVD

Link to Wired Magazine article on pirate radio that mentions Kaos Radio from Austin which is the home to my show Audio Junk

Guess I won't get to see Kraftwerk after all

So the censors on Call of Duty allow you to use Barf as a clan tag , but not puke.