Saturday, March 10, 2012

Dark City

Charlton Heston is the lead character in this fleece and run flick. Dark City is a typical 1950 noir flick with an above average cast that includes Jack Webb playing it up as an evil gutless conman, joined by Ed Begley and Harry Morgan as the kind-hearted ex pugilist. Heston recruits an out of town mark to play cards with his gang of layabouts after his gambling den is raided by the cops for the second time. He is pursued by a lounge singer played by noir go-to dame Lizabeth Scott. This is not worth tracking down, however you can see the entire movie on YouTube or Netflix Streaming. The movie has some decent lines and a good score by Franz Waxman. Also look for Cauliflower Ear Club founder Mike Mazurki in the movie. C

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