Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Roundtable Wrestling Radio March 12,2012 Rock concert Cena Wrap

Roundtable Wrestling Radio March 12,2012-Click to Listen/Right Click to save

Joey 924, Jobber Joe, The Byron, Sienna Duvall and The Byron discuss WWE Raw in Cleveland , Legends of Wrestling, The Early Days of William Regal DVD, ODB and EY, Abyss, TNA , ROH , Summer of Punk, Chris Jericho promo,Sid Vicious no-shows an indie shot. Hulk Hogan shows too much,Doug Furnas and more

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Coming Friday March 16 @ 4 A.M. EST vintage wrestling movie Flesh on TMC

Flesh (1932) starring Wallace Beery as the loveable lug Polakai who is a pro wrestling champion in Germany. He falls for a grifter who is pregnant with a conman’s baby. Eventually he moves over to the United States. When he approaches the American promoters Polakai is angered because he does not want to wrestle “crooked” and be dishonest for the people. Of course the conman steps in as his manager and convinces his partner to make Polakai play along if you see this on TMC- the drinking game to play is to take a shot every time you hear someone say “SEE”. You can order this DVD from TMC online. It is not for everyone and very dated of course. But it is interesting seeing the backstage dynamics of wrestling as portrayed by Hollywood in the 1930s. Most of the movie is based on the relationship between Beery’s character and the grifter Laura and her con artist love interest. The plot is typical of several boxing movies where the boxer is doing well and then advised to loose- this time it is wrestling. B

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