Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Roundtable Wrestling Radio March 26,2012 the road to WrestleMania

Brand new Roundtable Wrestling Radio -Click to Listen/Right Click to Save

Joey 924, SmokedOut , Jobber Joe, The Byron, Pat McDermott, Sienna Duvall and Jennifer Solis discuss WWE Raw, Wrestlemania, The Rock , Shane Douglas, TNA, A Double , ROH , Showdown in the Sun, Lance Storm , Mike Awesome, John Cena , CM Punk, Chris Jericho , Bock Lesnar, Walking Dead and more

Contact us at roundtablewrestlingradio@gmail.com

Interact with us on the Official Roundtable Wrestling Radio group page on facebook.

Join us live every Monday and this Sunday after Mania http://www.justin.tv/byron_tv25

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