Sunday, March 18, 2012


Brand new Mike Mooneyham article about Ric Savage's journey after he left the squared circle

In the month of April WWE Classics on Demand will be covering the 80s,
I hope to see more Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling

or Mid South

etc and hopefully a Legends of Wrestling episode featuring the 80s would be nice.

Ring of Honor thoughts- once again Dem Boys cut another great promo- love the feud between them and Haas and Benjamin . Also glad to see Lance Storm cutting a promo setting up his match against Mike Bennett

Smackdown random thoughts - "I don't get it.the dress just looks so much better on the mannequin"-Daniel Bryan dissing his gf AJ- That mannequin must of been smokin'.Daniel Bryan is superb as a heel. Very good main event between Jericho and Sheamus.
I liked the remix of the Rock and Cena thing with the pictures and whatnot thrown in. I liked the Orton and Kane promo. While it did not include Orton strumming a banjo or Kane dropping science on Columbus, it gave a reason for the match and while it was a stretch it helped give more insight into why Kane donned the mask again.

Tonight is the Victory Road PPV from TNA - I admit I am not planning on watching - more interested in Norfolk State game at 6:15 - yes I am on the bandwagon- should be fun.And of course tonight is the zombie siege on Living Dead's season finale + the aftermath of the death of Mike Delfino on Desperate Housewives. But here is the opening video for the PPV.

And now a new feature- the film noir of the week- each week I will post links to noir classics that are on YouTube

Local k-9 goes national - the Poop fairy on the Rachael Maddow show

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