Sunday, March 11, 2012

VCW Pius X March 10 2012 and Wrestling Links

I picked up the best of William Regal the Early Years- a good set that you can order from High

Images from VCW Pius X show on Saturday March 10,2012
Sam Bass, Mr Salazaar retreat
Paul London being taunted by Diamond Victor Griff
The Champs mag the tag
The ref is down but the action continues
Diamond Victor Griff and Shorty Smalls

Check out the latest column by Mike Mooneyham - he discusses next year's Wrestlemania , Doug Furnas, The Hogan sex tape and more

Nigel McGuiness is filming a documentary about the end of his career - click this link to read more and check out his official web page

Wrestling fans on Staten Island - you can meet and greet Kevin Nash at Sports Heroes and Legends in Staten Island, NY on May 12,2012- for more details click the link

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