Sunday, March 04, 2012

ROH 10th , Doug Furnas , Charley Varrick

The buzz around the internet watercooler last week was that WWE wanted to sign some ROH talents- this picture mocks the story - to read more- click the link

The latest column by Mike Mooneyham- this time he covers the loss of testicle lawsuit filed by a wrestler in Indiana against Coliseum Championship Wrestling and his opponent. Click to read more

Netflix Streaming has added several CNBC documentaries including a good one about the UFC- it is slightly dated since it aired in 2009- but interesting nonetheless.

Lucha > Hitler - click to read more

Looking for vintage wrestling pics - check out the Classic Pro Wrestling Gallery on facebook.

Today @ 5 pm is the ROH 10th Year Anniversary Show live for $9.99 on go fight live.

RIP Doug Furnas , he passed away Saturday at the age of 50.

The infamous Don Muraco versus Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka match is revisited by the Old School Wrestling Podcast this week. Click to listen

One of the top international grapplers Prince Devitt is making a stop in Mexico for CMLL

Need an escape- get on the Wrestle Vessel

Yesterday's escape from wrestling was the 1973 heist flick Charley Varrick starring Walter Matthau as a crop duster and bank robber with Joe Don Baker as a hitman and a cast of character actors. Is this the pinnacle of the genre or the era - nah- but it is a good diversion- now on Netflix Streaming

Coming to Va Beach

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