Sunday, April 29, 2012

Extreme Rules

                                             Me and Page Kennedy @ Peabody's in Va Beach
                                           a third wheel,Jeremy London & I @ Peabodys
WWE Extreme Rules - talk about a top heavy card, sure the undercard had some good moments like Big Show stepping through a table to loose the IC strap to Cody Rhodes and the "18 Seconds" shirt that Sheamus wore before he managed to beat Daniel Bryan to retain the World Heavyweight championship. CM Punk thrilled his hometown by beating up Chris Jericho to retain the WWE belt and Layla returned and a beat a Bella twin to win the butterfly belt......

BUT REALLY the night was about the main event between the face of the PG WWE John Cena and the returning monster Brock Lesnar, after selling tons of pay per views for the UFC he came back to challenge the boy scout figurehead of the current WWE product. This  was the most brutal and intense WWE match in quite some time as Lesnar dominated the early going by elbow Cena's noggin until he was bleeding, Lesnar looked unstoppable and was toying with Cena for most of the match,tossing him and the ref around like rag-dolls, until at the right moment Cena nailed Lesnar with a chain to win the match.

Overall this was a good event and the main event is a keeper,different than the average WWE match with a rougher edge, feeling like a shoot at moments and an actual grudge match, I was engrossed by the spectacle and pleasantly surprised by the ending..

I saw the event at a Virginia Beach Buffalo Wild Wings and the turn-out was better than usual for an off brand PPV.

Here is a link for the most recent Mike Mooneyham article, this time featuring Natalya Niedhardt - click the link to read more.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012


If you have not seen House(1977) and enjoy horror with a surrealistic and kitschy bent this is well worth the time. 7 Japanese school girls go on a vacation to a house that seems to be ruled by a witchcat. Interesting and visually stimulating this is well worth Netflixxing or owning. The DVD also includes a short film by the director from 1966 which is also very bizarre and a few featurettes. A

Went to Blood on the Beach last Saturday- had a fun time, went to the Q&A with Joe Turkel(bartender in The Shining,etc) and shook hands with Ernie Hudson. Later that night I hung out with Jeremy London and Page Kennedy in the VIP section at Peabody's(not my typical thing to hang out with actors in a VIP anywhere-so I guess I will mention it here).

I am really liking this season of Mad Men- last week the funny fight with Pete and Layne and this week Roger takes LSD.

I am curious about this Sunday's WWE PPV -specially the main event with Cena and Lesnar - curious enough to watch at Buffalo Wild Wings -not curious enough to buy it.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Where The Boys Are

Having grown up on the Spring Break movies of the 80s where the goal was to get laid and get drunk, it was interesting watching a 1960 movie where the goal is the same for the menfolk but drastically different for the women. Paula Prentiss and Connie Francis lead a crew of co-eds down to Fort Lauderdale hoping to unwind and maybe even land a hubby. Yes they wanted to find marriage material during spring break-was this an invention of hollywood or the actual mindset during the spring breaks of the mid 20th century among females .An imperfect and mostly wholesome movie this anachronism is an interesting watch because it felt like it existed in a reality that was created to fit hollywood values more than mirror reality. Currently on TCM on Demand this odd movie features Frank Gorshin leading a jazz combo and George Hamilton before he became orange. Probably not for everyone, but worth a gander for folks that like the old Hollywood way of telling stories.   C

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Nsect Club Article, TNA Lockdown and Wrestling Links plus comedy + BLOOD ON THE BEACH links and MORE MORE MORE

1993 article about the defunct venue that used to be in Hampton,VA in the early 90s - click the link to read


TNA Lockdown 2012 is in the books. Live from Nashville, TN headlined by former tag partners Bobby Roode and the Cowboy James Storm. Although I enjoyed this week's Impact and am glad they are featuring some younger talent instead of being the WWE Alumni home, it was a gameday decision to purchase this PPV. Ironically it was the WWE alumni that stole the show as Jeff Hardy and Kurt Angle put together an excellent match that built to a rewarding finish. In other matches team Garrett beat team Eric to open the event in a decent opener. The rest of the mid-card felt flat to me, maybe it was personal fatigue or worse apathy-but I zoned out during the Flair and Hogan conflab and missed the ending to the Morgan/Crimson match because I wanted to microwave some egg rolls more than watch every single second of the PPV. The return of the Motor City Machine Guns felt flat and they lost to the defending tag champions Samoa Joe and Magnus.I was left cold by the ending of the PPV- although it was not a thunderous ovation for the homestate grappler Storm, the crowd was left empty when Roode retained his strap by being kicked out of the cage by the challenger( it was a painful deja vu to Vince Russo winning the belt because he was speared out of a WCW cage by Goldberg-yeppers I know Russo ain't there anymore)- but what a flat ending to a middling PPV. Honestly besides the Hardy vs Angle match I wish I would have saved the 35 dollars and been able to watch Celeb Apprentice, The Amazing Race and Mad Men tonight- oh well. The crowd was into A Double(X- Division champ)Austin Aires but for the first time in forever they seemed rather apathetic towards Samoa Joe. I mean I know Joe ain't the cat's meow there anymore, but he received a hero's welcome in the UK and usually anywhere outside of the Impact Zone. This crowd seemed dead most of the night- odd since Nashville was the home of their most passionate fans before they migrated south to Orlando. C-

Local wrestling promotion VCW returns to the Masonic Temple in Norfolk,VA- this is a great place to watch pro wrestling - should be a fun event next Saturday, April 21- click for more details

This week in wrestling featured a bloodied John Cena and a bloodless cage wedding on TNA- who is the PG company?

Brand new Mike Mooneyham article about Scott Hall - click to read

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HORROR FANS IN THE 757 - coming next weekend April 20-22- Blood on the Beach
coming to this convention are Norman Reedus(Walking Dead/Boondock Saints) , Ernie Hudson (Ghostbusters), Tony Todd (Candyman) , cast members from The Lost Boys, The Shinning and so much more- check out their active facebook group page for up to date information

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare RANT- I think the next Andy Rooney has been located - click to LOL

Also for more funny , from funny or die is this collection of horrible rap album covers - click for more chuckles

I think this is my favorite country song from the 80s - from SNL - click to listen and watch

Friday, April 13, 2012

Halfway to Halloween TONIGHT/ Friday the 13th

Tonight Peabody's celebrates Friday the 13th with a ghostly good time , 500 dollar costume contest, horror video montage and posters from the upcoming Dark Shadows movie starring Johnny Depp and more....

My favorite horror movie- I loved the trailer, but my mother was not into horror movies ,so I did not see this movie until I borrowed a VHS copy a few years later- amazing

Here is my Halloween mix from 2011 - Click to Listen/Right Click to Save

Halloween mix 2011 from the obvious to the obscure- samples, screams and more- classic trailers , music from Fleshhouse to the Fleshtones and more Audio Junk is another Stoopid Kar Production The World's Worst Mixing DJ -DJ JOE INC plays a variety of music-no format- just samples variety and more tonight. The Modern Mixtape. Replays on every Tue 3 pm - 5 pm-Central Standard Time.Also Tuesdays @ 5 pm EST on Hurricane Irene makes it's impact on the Junk and more- check it out

Of course wrestling and horror have had some crossover over the the years

This is probably my favorite wrestling match from the 1990s- Rey Misterio vs Eddie Guerrero from Halloween Havoc

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

2 Days Until Halfway to Halloween

This event will take place at Peabodys Virginia Beach in Virginia Beach,VA . I just finished the video montage which will include everything from Hitchcock to Scooby Doo with of course some Walking Dead and more- a visual celebration of the macabre on Friday the 13th.

Also the most recent Audio Junk is now archived on Kaos Radio - click to listen

Monday, April 09, 2012

Roundtable Wrestling Radio April 16,2012

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Looking for good professional wrestling in Flordia or on DVD check out NWA Ring Warriors

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Halfway to Halloween/Wrestling Links podcasts/ Stalker and The Cheat(1931)

A great couple of weeks coming up- first Halfway to Halloween at Peabody's - Halloween is my favorite holiday and I will be doing the video montage for the event- then next week is Blood on the Beach a horror con with tons of actors and more coming for a 3 day event
Anarchia at a TNA house show 9/23/2011 picture by Twister

Thursday episode of Roundtable Wrestling Radio with Joey 924 and the Byron.

Brand New Chronic Connection - Click to Listen/Right Click to Save - SmokedOut discusses ROH Showdown in the Sun , CZW, JAPW and more wrestling including Mania,TNA and more

The most recent Ringside Rap with Les Thatcher and Michael Sempervive -Click to Download


The Cheat- sat thru the 1931 movie the Cheat yesterday. Wooden acting mar this movie about a gal(Tallulah Bankhead) that spends money unwisely then gets roped into a bargain with a louse. When her hubby gets rich, she tries to back out of the deal with the exotic art collector. Things break down when the lecherous art dealer brands the formerly needy housewife. There are some neat dance numbers and a cool statue - but overall this is not worth the investment of time. C-

Stalker(1979) - bizarre,intriguing maybe a little slow Russian made movie about a tour guide that takes 2 folks into a forbidden zone that is rumored to offer them their deepest wish. Filmed on location in Estonia- this movie has tons of neat visuals- but at a stunning cost- as it was filmed in chemical plants and some members of the cast and crew died of cancer. Worth a Netflix slot if you like interesting and challenging foreign movies- but the pacing is a killer , I had to watch it in 2 parts- but I still liked this movie. B-


Saturday, April 07, 2012

Good Friday Miracle

According to Reuters the jet crash and explosion that leveled parts of an apartment building in residential Virginia Beach resulted in no fatalities , the pilots ejected before the wreck and the residents were not in harm's way. Simply amazing.

Here is the link to the story.

Friday, April 06, 2012

Why escape is so essential

and why it is so hard to escape the grim realities of the world we are in


  1. 01 Virginia F-18 crash
  2. 02 Amanda Bynes
  3. 03 Nicole Kidman
  4. 04 Tim Tebow service
  5. 05 Renewable energy
  1. 06 Matt Lauer
  2. 07 Tiger Woods
  3. 08 New diabetes drug
  4. 09 Retirement planning
  5. 10 Texas tornadoes

A fighter plane crashed right down the road from I used to work for 3 years - very surreal - live video link taken right after the crash

We used to live at Piper's Landing apartments and the planes would fly over all the time- loud and close- I used to joke about I could throw a football at the planes -

either way this is no joking matter and I hope that people are alright - although from the looks of the impact on the building- just an alarming reminder of how tenuous our hold over technology really is

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Roundtable Wrestling Radio Post Mania 2012

Joey 924, SmokedOut , Jobber Joe, The Byron, Sienna Duvall and Pat McDermott discuss WWE Wrestlemania, the return of Brock Lesnar, A-Train, Yes, Yes, yes, Si Si Si , Alberrto Del Rio, On Demand goes 80s, ROH Showdown in the Sun, Dragongate USA, ODB and Eric Young getting married, Arsenio Hall, Celebrity Apprentice

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Sunday, April 01, 2012

Wrestlemania 28: Once in a Lifetime

Wrestlemania 28

Once in a Lifetime: Rock vs Cena

In front of 78,363 folks in Miami, Florida WWE took front and center stage as it streamed and beamed its yearly extravaganza to an eager WWE universe. I admit I had lapsed into fandom and was anticipating this strong card mixing the top stars of current day WWE superstars with legendary figures from the WWE attitude era. However tonight’s mania was whelming, it was solid – well executed with several decent matches, but I was not blown away by the event. Maybe it was because I was at a house party instead of a packed Buffalo Wild Wings and for some reason there was random talk about a local indie show during the matches. I really don’t know. I enjoyed the closely contested match between CM Punk and Chris Jericho for the world title, of course I had hoped that Jericho would win, but CM Punk won the match to retain the strap. Maybe I was thrown askew when well respected WWE champion Daniel Bryan lost the opening match of the card and the title to Sheamus in 18 seconds. Yeah one swift breaugh kick and Sheamus was the new champion. The Team Johnny vs Team Teddy match simply did not catch my imagination, except for a few high spots the crowd did not seem to be into the match either. Because of a win by team Johnny, Johnny Ace is now the GM of both Raw and Smackdown. I was also taken aback by the early placement of the Undertaker and Triple H match, commencing at 8 pm and billed as the end of the era. It was a good match , a little showey/theatrical at times- but solid.

But really the match that was on the minds of everybody(well the folks that watch wrestling) movie star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson versus current company standard bearer John Cena. The match was hyped for over a year and for the most part delivered – the crowd was into the match from opening bell until the Rock caught John Cena attempting to clown him and snatched the victory with a rock bottom to get a huge pop from the crowd.

Overall this is a solid mania- maybe not living up to the strong crowd, but better than the hype for the event. I enjoyed it and my friends enjoyed it - so that is what is important

Wrestlemania Articles/ Movie Reviews - Thor/ Orson Welles edited and more

Mike Mooneyham talks about the Wrestlemania 28 card in his latest column

Former member of WWE creative Seth Mates talks about the backstage rumors about the Rock from the PW Torch

If you are in Virginia Beach and want to see Wrestlemania at a good sports bar - check out Shore Break on Shore Drive

Looking for post Mania thoughts and whatnot- LIVE Roundtable Wrestling Radio- click to listen and chat live after Mania

The Latest Episode of the Old School Wrestling Podcast is up and features a bout from Mid-South between Rick Rude and Tommy Rich - Click to Listen/Right Click to Save.

Lady from Shanghai
-a fever dream of movie written,directed and starring Orson Welles as a seaman obsessed by the bosses wife (his estranged wife Rita Hayworth). A murder mystery, sea voyage and stab at romance- this confused chopped up version of the movie Welles made is still worth checking out for fans of noir and classics, the climatic mirrorhouse scene is up there with the mirror scene in Enter The Dragon for good use of reflection and light. According to the commentary by Peter Bogdonavich this movie was put together because Welles needed a costume budget for a road production of Around the World in 80 Days. B+

The Magnificent Ambersons - Another Orson Welles production that was hacked up by the studio, this follows the ill fated romance and life of one of the richest families in a small town. This movie is very dated and hamstrung by an ending that torpedoes the tone of the movie up until that point. Featuring a strong cast and good dialogue this movie has not aged well but is worth the time for fans of classic Hollywood movies. C+

The Social Network - An insecure genius plots his way to power and wealth. The origins of facebook are explored in this fictional speech heavy movie based around 2 lawsuits about the heavily influential hub of social media. Featuring an Oscar winning score by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross this is an interesting movie about power and influence. It was riveting the first time I saw it - I don't know if I would revisit the movie, but I would suggest checking out at least once. B+

Thor - Thud D

Woody Woodpecker watches wrestling from 1953