Sunday, April 29, 2012

Extreme Rules

                                             Me and Page Kennedy @ Peabody's in Va Beach
                                           a third wheel,Jeremy London & I @ Peabodys
WWE Extreme Rules - talk about a top heavy card, sure the undercard had some good moments like Big Show stepping through a table to loose the IC strap to Cody Rhodes and the "18 Seconds" shirt that Sheamus wore before he managed to beat Daniel Bryan to retain the World Heavyweight championship. CM Punk thrilled his hometown by beating up Chris Jericho to retain the WWE belt and Layla returned and a beat a Bella twin to win the butterfly belt......

BUT REALLY the night was about the main event between the face of the PG WWE John Cena and the returning monster Brock Lesnar, after selling tons of pay per views for the UFC he came back to challenge the boy scout figurehead of the current WWE product. This  was the most brutal and intense WWE match in quite some time as Lesnar dominated the early going by elbow Cena's noggin until he was bleeding, Lesnar looked unstoppable and was toying with Cena for most of the match,tossing him and the ref around like rag-dolls, until at the right moment Cena nailed Lesnar with a chain to win the match.

Overall this was a good event and the main event is a keeper,different than the average WWE match with a rougher edge, feeling like a shoot at moments and an actual grudge match, I was engrossed by the spectacle and pleasantly surprised by the ending..

I saw the event at a Virginia Beach Buffalo Wild Wings and the turn-out was better than usual for an off brand PPV.

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