Friday, April 13, 2012

Halfway to Halloween TONIGHT/ Friday the 13th

Tonight Peabody's celebrates Friday the 13th with a ghostly good time , 500 dollar costume contest, horror video montage and posters from the upcoming Dark Shadows movie starring Johnny Depp and more....

My favorite horror movie- I loved the trailer, but my mother was not into horror movies ,so I did not see this movie until I borrowed a VHS copy a few years later- amazing

Here is my Halloween mix from 2011 - Click to Listen/Right Click to Save

Halloween mix 2011 from the obvious to the obscure- samples, screams and more- classic trailers , music from Fleshhouse to the Fleshtones and more Audio Junk is another Stoopid Kar Production The World's Worst Mixing DJ -DJ JOE INC plays a variety of music-no format- just samples variety and more tonight. The Modern Mixtape. Replays on every Tue 3 pm - 5 pm-Central Standard Time.Also Tuesdays @ 5 pm EST on Hurricane Irene makes it's impact on the Junk and more- check it out

Of course wrestling and horror have had some crossover over the the years

This is probably my favorite wrestling match from the 1990s- Rey Misterio vs Eddie Guerrero from Halloween Havoc

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