Wednesday, April 25, 2012


If you have not seen House(1977) and enjoy horror with a surrealistic and kitschy bent this is well worth the time. 7 Japanese school girls go on a vacation to a house that seems to be ruled by a witchcat. Interesting and visually stimulating this is well worth Netflixxing or owning. The DVD also includes a short film by the director from 1966 which is also very bizarre and a few featurettes. A

Went to Blood on the Beach last Saturday- had a fun time, went to the Q&A with Joe Turkel(bartender in The Shining,etc) and shook hands with Ernie Hudson. Later that night I hung out with Jeremy London and Page Kennedy in the VIP section at Peabody's(not my typical thing to hang out with actors in a VIP anywhere-so I guess I will mention it here).

I am really liking this season of Mad Men- last week the funny fight with Pete and Layne and this week Roger takes LSD.

I am curious about this Sunday's WWE PPV -specially the main event with Cena and Lesnar - curious enough to watch at Buffalo Wild Wings -not curious enough to buy it.

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