Sunday, April 15, 2012

Nsect Club Article, TNA Lockdown and Wrestling Links plus comedy + BLOOD ON THE BEACH links and MORE MORE MORE

1993 article about the defunct venue that used to be in Hampton,VA in the early 90s - click the link to read


TNA Lockdown 2012 is in the books. Live from Nashville, TN headlined by former tag partners Bobby Roode and the Cowboy James Storm. Although I enjoyed this week's Impact and am glad they are featuring some younger talent instead of being the WWE Alumni home, it was a gameday decision to purchase this PPV. Ironically it was the WWE alumni that stole the show as Jeff Hardy and Kurt Angle put together an excellent match that built to a rewarding finish. In other matches team Garrett beat team Eric to open the event in a decent opener. The rest of the mid-card felt flat to me, maybe it was personal fatigue or worse apathy-but I zoned out during the Flair and Hogan conflab and missed the ending to the Morgan/Crimson match because I wanted to microwave some egg rolls more than watch every single second of the PPV. The return of the Motor City Machine Guns felt flat and they lost to the defending tag champions Samoa Joe and Magnus.I was left cold by the ending of the PPV- although it was not a thunderous ovation for the homestate grappler Storm, the crowd was left empty when Roode retained his strap by being kicked out of the cage by the challenger( it was a painful deja vu to Vince Russo winning the belt because he was speared out of a WCW cage by Goldberg-yeppers I know Russo ain't there anymore)- but what a flat ending to a middling PPV. Honestly besides the Hardy vs Angle match I wish I would have saved the 35 dollars and been able to watch Celeb Apprentice, The Amazing Race and Mad Men tonight- oh well. The crowd was into A Double(X- Division champ)Austin Aires but for the first time in forever they seemed rather apathetic towards Samoa Joe. I mean I know Joe ain't the cat's meow there anymore, but he received a hero's welcome in the UK and usually anywhere outside of the Impact Zone. This crowd seemed dead most of the night- odd since Nashville was the home of their most passionate fans before they migrated south to Orlando. C-

Local wrestling promotion VCW returns to the Masonic Temple in Norfolk,VA- this is a great place to watch pro wrestling - should be a fun event next Saturday, April 21- click for more details

This week in wrestling featured a bloodied John Cena and a bloodless cage wedding on TNA- who is the PG company?

Brand new Mike Mooneyham article about Scott Hall - click to read

The Most recent episode of The Old School Wrestling Podcast - Click to Download


HORROR FANS IN THE 757 - coming next weekend April 20-22- Blood on the Beach
coming to this convention are Norman Reedus(Walking Dead/Boondock Saints) , Ernie Hudson (Ghostbusters), Tony Todd (Candyman) , cast members from The Lost Boys, The Shinning and so much more- check out their active facebook group page for up to date information

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare RANT- I think the next Andy Rooney has been located - click to LOL

Also for more funny , from funny or die is this collection of horrible rap album covers - click for more chuckles

I think this is my favorite country song from the 80s - from SNL - click to listen and watch

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