Monday, April 23, 2012

Where The Boys Are

Having grown up on the Spring Break movies of the 80s where the goal was to get laid and get drunk, it was interesting watching a 1960 movie where the goal is the same for the menfolk but drastically different for the women. Paula Prentiss and Connie Francis lead a crew of co-eds down to Fort Lauderdale hoping to unwind and maybe even land a hubby. Yes they wanted to find marriage material during spring break-was this an invention of hollywood or the actual mindset during the spring breaks of the mid 20th century among females .An imperfect and mostly wholesome movie this anachronism is an interesting watch because it felt like it existed in a reality that was created to fit hollywood values more than mirror reality. Currently on TCM on Demand this odd movie features Frank Gorshin leading a jazz combo and George Hamilton before he became orange. Probably not for everyone, but worth a gander for folks that like the old Hollywood way of telling stories.   C

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