Friday, April 06, 2012

Why escape is so essential

and why it is so hard to escape the grim realities of the world we are in


  1. 01 Virginia F-18 crash
  2. 02 Amanda Bynes
  3. 03 Nicole Kidman
  4. 04 Tim Tebow service
  5. 05 Renewable energy
  1. 06 Matt Lauer
  2. 07 Tiger Woods
  3. 08 New diabetes drug
  4. 09 Retirement planning
  5. 10 Texas tornadoes

A fighter plane crashed right down the road from I used to work for 3 years - very surreal - live video link taken right after the crash

We used to live at Piper's Landing apartments and the planes would fly over all the time- loud and close- I used to joke about I could throw a football at the planes -

either way this is no joking matter and I hope that people are alright - although from the looks of the impact on the building- just an alarming reminder of how tenuous our hold over technology really is

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