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Wrestlemania Articles/ Movie Reviews - Thor/ Orson Welles edited and more

Mike Mooneyham talks about the Wrestlemania 28 card in his latest column

Former member of WWE creative Seth Mates talks about the backstage rumors about the Rock from the PW Torch

If you are in Virginia Beach and want to see Wrestlemania at a good sports bar - check out Shore Break on Shore Drive

Looking for post Mania thoughts and whatnot- LIVE Roundtable Wrestling Radio- click to listen and chat live after Mania

The Latest Episode of the Old School Wrestling Podcast is up and features a bout from Mid-South between Rick Rude and Tommy Rich - Click to Listen/Right Click to Save.

Lady from Shanghai
-a fever dream of movie written,directed and starring Orson Welles as a seaman obsessed by the bosses wife (his estranged wife Rita Hayworth). A murder mystery, sea voyage and stab at romance- this confused chopped up version of the movie Welles made is still worth checking out for fans of noir and classics, the climatic mirrorhouse scene is up there with the mirror scene in Enter The Dragon for good use of reflection and light. According to the commentary by Peter Bogdonavich this movie was put together because Welles needed a costume budget for a road production of Around the World in 80 Days. B+

The Magnificent Ambersons - Another Orson Welles production that was hacked up by the studio, this follows the ill fated romance and life of one of the richest families in a small town. This movie is very dated and hamstrung by an ending that torpedoes the tone of the movie up until that point. Featuring a strong cast and good dialogue this movie has not aged well but is worth the time for fans of classic Hollywood movies. C+

The Social Network - An insecure genius plots his way to power and wealth. The origins of facebook are explored in this fictional speech heavy movie based around 2 lawsuits about the heavily influential hub of social media. Featuring an Oscar winning score by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross this is an interesting movie about power and influence. It was riveting the first time I saw it - I don't know if I would revisit the movie, but I would suggest checking out at least once. B+

Thor - Thud D

Woody Woodpecker watches wrestling from 1953

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