Sunday, April 08, 2012

Halfway to Halloween/Wrestling Links podcasts/ Stalker and The Cheat(1931)

A great couple of weeks coming up- first Halfway to Halloween at Peabody's - Halloween is my favorite holiday and I will be doing the video montage for the event- then next week is Blood on the Beach a horror con with tons of actors and more coming for a 3 day event
Anarchia at a TNA house show 9/23/2011 picture by Twister

Thursday episode of Roundtable Wrestling Radio with Joey 924 and the Byron.

Brand New Chronic Connection - Click to Listen/Right Click to Save - SmokedOut discusses ROH Showdown in the Sun , CZW, JAPW and more wrestling including Mania,TNA and more

The most recent Ringside Rap with Les Thatcher and Michael Sempervive -Click to Download


The Cheat- sat thru the 1931 movie the Cheat yesterday. Wooden acting mar this movie about a gal(Tallulah Bankhead) that spends money unwisely then gets roped into a bargain with a louse. When her hubby gets rich, she tries to back out of the deal with the exotic art collector. Things break down when the lecherous art dealer brands the formerly needy housewife. There are some neat dance numbers and a cool statue - but overall this is not worth the investment of time. C-

Stalker(1979) - bizarre,intriguing maybe a little slow Russian made movie about a tour guide that takes 2 folks into a forbidden zone that is rumored to offer them their deepest wish. Filmed on location in Estonia- this movie has tons of neat visuals- but at a stunning cost- as it was filmed in chemical plants and some members of the cast and crew died of cancer. Worth a Netflix slot if you like interesting and challenging foreign movies- but the pacing is a killer , I had to watch it in 2 parts- but I still liked this movie. B-


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