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Raw Ruminations V / OBX trip/ Rolling Thunder and Lolita reviews

WWE Raw broadcast live from New Orleans on Monday- click the link to read my review on Wrestle Hustle.

Bad time for top grapplers in WWE and suspensions- WWE.COM just posted that Randy Orton was suspended for 60 days for his second wellness policy violation , Chris Jericho was suspended 30 days for the Brazilian incident and Rey Mysterio, Jr is still on suspension.

"Be apart of a RFVIDEO DVD taping tomorrow night for our newest IN THE RING with Val Venis!!!!!!

The Place..CZW Wrestling Academy right next to ECW Arena 
The Time..630PM until 10PM
The Cost..$20 and open to anyone who wants to get into the wrestling business or is already training to be a wrestler.

The CZW Wrestling school is right accross the street from the ECW arena. If you are standing at the main entrance to the arena you can actually throw a rock and hit the school thats how close it is. Just remember if you actually throw a rock you might get DJ Hyde pissed off and he might but a light tube over your head so we do not recommend the rock throwing part.

We are just ONE day away this THURSDAY NIGHT!!!!! 630PM until 10PM !!!!!

Val Venis Seminar at the CZW wrestling School and this is being taped for our newest In the Ring DVDs!!!! You are all invited to come if your in the business or just breaking in…

TNA Impact Wrestling is live for most of the summer and will now broadcast at 8  pm EST instead of 9 pm EST and tonight's show is the debut of Brooke Hogan.

Next Wednesday at 2 pm the INSP channel will be playing the episode of the Canadian miniseries The Wind at my Back called the Champ is Here- featuring a touring wrestling group that comes in to con the locals.It is a decent episode.

Friday May 25th Peabody's in Virginia Beach,VA  hosted a meet and greet with Rikishi

                                         Link to the most recent episode of Audio Junk - click to listen or download

After a full week took a quick jaunt to the Outer Banks to hang out with my wife and friends - before we crossed the border we stopped at Powell's to pick up some fudge including their incredible Tiger Butter fudge

.After we settled in we went to the Black Pelican near Mile Post 4 for a superb meal- I got the crab and shrimp bake and it was incredible as usual.
After a desert of Powell's fudge we watched the second half of the Western Conference finals- the game got stale quick when the Thunder decided to hack the Ashton Kutcher looking Splitter dude for the Spurs-over 70 free throws and it seemed like 60 of them were at the end of the 3rd quarter.

Woke up and watched Rolling Thunder.

Rolling Thunder is a revenge flick following William Devane as Vietnam POW who returns home to a fubar homestead after being out of circulation for 7 years.His family is torn asunder and then destroyed by his return and he finds himself hellbent on evening the score after loosing his arm to some bandits who wanted 2 large in silver dollars. Tommy Lee Jones and Dabney Coleman are also in hand for this picture. A decent fast paced movie covering the displaced feelings that POW/MIA had to face when acclimating to civilian life after being in war.Worth checking out for fans of action flicks and revenge plots.   B

This morning we went to Duck Donuts for some excellent donuts - sadly our trip was cut short by the tropical depression.While we scarfed down the Donuts we watched the Stanley Kubrick version of Lolita.

Lolita- James Mason rolls into town looking for a place to stay. Widow Shelley Winters shows her abode to the touring writer. Mason seems unimpressed until he notices her young daughter Lolita(portrayed by Sue Lyon). Based on a Nabakov novel about a man obsessed with 12 year old females , the film version never mentions her age and she seems to be a little older than 12- but the scenario is still rather creepy.The dialogue and chemistry between Mason, Lyon and Winters is superb, sadly Peter Sellers ruins several scenes with his ham-handed performance as Claire Quilty in the movie.The movie is worth seeing for the great performances by Mason,Winters and Lyon but is rather long and imperfect due to the oddly placed Quilty scenes.  B

IGN article  covering the next WWE game

WWE Raw broadcast live from New Orleans on Monday- click the link to read my review


RIP Bluegrass legend Doc Watson

After getting back from OBX we stopped by Chesapeake Pizza and got the Chesapeake special to eat while we watched Sunday's Mad Men- WOW - currently my fave show on TV- hands down- even more so than Walking Dead- apples and oranges I know- but I love the writing on Mad Men and the characters even when they do things that are in a grey or worse area.

Howard Brody reporting from Nassau, Bahamas with NWA Ring Warriors results from the Kendal Isaacs Gymnasium: Opening match saw JT Flash (aka GQ Smooth) defeat Pablo Marquez; Jesse Neal beat self-proclaimed "King of Florida" Francisco Ciatso; Sienna Duvall defeated Santana Garrett in a ladies match, afterwards both ladies were challenged by former WWC ladies champ La Rosa Negra; former NWA NationalHeavyweight Champion Chance Prophet defeated The Giant Titan to win the NWA Ring Warriors Bahamian Championship in a controversial finish; Wes Brisco and "The VIP" Cassidy Riley defeated The Red-Devil Fight Team (Mikhail Ivanov and Alex Chekov) managed by Adam Barisano in a wild tag team contest; and NWA National Heavyweight Champion The Tokyo Monster Kahagas successfully defended his title with a disqualification victory over "The Haitian Sensation" Tyree Pride. Paid Attendence 606

CZW Upcoming shows
- Saturday, June 23 - 'Tournament of Death XI' - Ebenezer Church RD, Townsend, DE - 2:30 pm

In First Round Action of T.O.D.:
* The Nation of Intoxication Drunken Scaffold Match: Devon Moore vs. Danny Havoc vs. Lucky tHURTeen (See N.O.I.'s reaction on the CZW YouTube Channel at
* Ultraviolent Ladders Match (In Memory of JC Bailey): Rory Mondo vs. Drake Younger (Mondo makes a big promise on the CZW YouTube Channel at
* Pains in the Glass Match: CZW World Heavyweight champion MASADA vs. Scot Summers
* Ultraviolent Bats Match: Matt Tremont vs. BJW Death Match Heavyweight champion Abdullah Kobayashi (If Tremont wins T.O.D. he gets CZW owner DJ Hyde one-on-one. Tremont has some things to say on the CZW YouTube Channel at

In Non-Tournament Action:
* Fans Bring the Weapons: Former Runaways Collide as Joe Gacy takes on Ryan Slater (Gacy tries to explain himself on the CZW Youtube channel at

Tickets available NOW at 
For sponsorship and vendor opportunities, contact Fans can show their support on the 'Tournament of Death' Facebook event site at

- Saturday, July 14 - CZW 'New Heights' - Returns to the Philadelphia/South Jersey area TBD - 7:30 pm
- Friday, July 27 to Monday, July 30 - CZW teams with wXw & BJW for the Triangle of Ultraviolent Tour at Korakuen Hall, Bonkyo-ku, Tokyo, Japan - Time TBD

The Monday episode of Roundtable Wrestling Radio - click to listen

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SPW Uprising 2 at Norfolk Scope

SPW UPRISING 2 From the Scope Exhibition Hall May 26,2012

                                          Rikishi takes on "The Dustman" Mark Anthony

                                              Below-Shorty Smalls has a wristwatch on Brandon Scott
                                              Below- 4 way bout for TV strap

                                              Below Kacee Carlisle
Photos by Jobber Joe

The latest article by Mike Mooneyham featuring Henry Marcus and the South Carolina Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame - Click to read -Congrats to the Mulkey Brothers for being inducted.

Next Saturday and Sunday Tru TV will be re-running select episodes of Hulk Hogan's Micro Championship wrestling from season 1.

Also Next Saturday Chikara will be presenting it's second iPPV from Philadelphia.

Excerpts from the latest DGusa/Evolve Newsletter

May 28th: Tickets for Dragon Gate USA in Taylor, MI at the Gibraltar Trade Center on July 28th and Chicago, IL at The Congress Theater on July 29th go on sale this Wednesday at by 10am EST. time. Taylor will be Untouchable 2012 and tickets will run $50 for 1st row Golden Circle, $30 for 2nd/3rd row and $15 for general admission (all tickets are $5 more on the day of the event).

Chicago is the Third Anniversary Show. This event will feature Fan Appreciation ticket prices to celebrate our birthday and our cheapest tickets ever in Chi-town. They will run $50 for 1st row Golden Circle, $35 for 2nd/3rd row, $25 for GA Ringside (3rd row and back), $75 for 1st row stage and $50 for 2nd row stage.

May 28th: We can confirm that both Untouchable 2012 and the Third Anniversary Show will be broadcast worldwide at on live iPPV. July 28th starts at 8pm and July 29th starts at 7pm local times, giving it the traditional Sunday night PPV timeslot.

May 28th: EVOLVE is teaming up with Florida Underground Wrestling for three doubleheaders at the end of June!!! These are going to be mega-events in the state of Florida. Doors on all three nights will open at 6pm. FUW will then present its event at 7pm. There will be a brief intermission and then EVOLVE will hold their card. This will be the most value for your money. You will get to see both events for one low ticket price! Tickets will be just $30 for 1st row reserved Golden Circle, $20 for 2nd/3rd row ringside and $15 for general admission. Tickets go on sale at this Wednesday by 10am. The dates and locations of the shows are:

Thursday, June 28th
The Orpheum
1915 East 7th Avenue
Ybor City, FL 33605

Friday, June 29th
The Wildwood Recreation Center
1000 28th Street South
St. Petersburg, FL 33712

Saturday, June 30th
Potter's house Gym
1150 Lane Avenue South

Jacksonville, FL 32205

Jason "Mayhem" Miller no longer with UFC-click to read more

Brand new - well archive Audio Junk from the last decade - this Tuesday on KAOS Radio Austin

Coming Tuesday May 29th to KAOS Radio Austin @ 1 pm CST
Audio Junk Archive Expedition Series Volume XXVIIIKLTRM
Mixing Sepultra ,Cannibal Ox,Bobby "Blue" Bland,Sly and the Family Stone, Simply Red , Steel Panther, Kraaak and Smacck,Zed Zed Top,Talking Heads, Eurythmics,DJ Punk Roc, Falstaff with samples from film noir and more - this vintage Audio Junk from the last decade features the World's Worst Mixing DJ slicing and dicing grooves in the chop shop of sound. Don't Panic *****42***********

In music news bluegrass legend Doc Watson is still in the hospital after colon surgery- my thoughts go out to him and his family, truly one of my faves from childhood.

A venue that I booked in the 1990s was the NSECT Club in Hampton- here is a link to some videos shot by Mitch from Fantasy in Newport News. This includes videos by Skankin' Pickle and Dandelion.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

WCW Clash of Champions review/Sleeping Beauty (2011) review ,wrestling and more

To read my full review of WCW Clash of Champions at Wrestle Hustle- click this link

Tonight Rikishi will be competing against "The Dustman" Mark Anthony at the Scope in Norfolk,VA

After a few months of eschewing AWA re-runs ESPN Classics will be running several episodes of AWA Thursday night in a row.I don't know what era of AWA will be shown- but after months of not showing AWA- ESPN classics will be showing several AWA episodes late Thursday night/early Friday morning- one upside of these shows- the original music- the downside- it really depends on the episode and the time frame.

Next Thursday May 31, Impact wrestling moves to the 8 pm EST time slot on Spike and will also be live.

Congrats to Smoked Out on the one year anniversary of his podcast The Chronic Connection covering international , indie wrestling and more - Click to listen/Right Click to Save

The most recent Old School Wrestling Podcast - this episode covers Tajiri vs Super Crazy vs Little Guido match- Click to Download

DGUSA will hold a live event in Taylor, Michigan at the Gibraltar Trade Center on July 28th. Tickets will go on sale at this Wednesday. 

I re-watched Silent Partner starring Elliot Gould as a bank teller that turns a robbery by Christopher Plummer on it's head. This is a DVD I am happy to own- well worth seeking out if you like neo-noir.

Sleeping Beauty (2011) an odd kink of a film. A pale skinny redheaded college age gal gets recruited to work for a shady research/service company. This new version of softcore follows a gal that works several jobs answers an advertisement in the paper for a high paying job. At first she works swanky parties in lingerie as a hostess while he co-workers(all female) work topless. Then she is told about a chance to make bank being sedated while rich clients grope her- she is told that her vagina will not be penetrated. It is creepy watching old men trying to grope a passed out female regardless of the scenario. Currently available on Netflix Streaming this movie is not for everyone and probably will offend some with it's brutal frankness about subject matter. I was compelled to watch the whole thing- but not entirely happy with the payoff.  B-

The most recent RWR from Thursday - Click to Download

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Drive(2011) review /Wrestling Links and new Audio Junk

Drive(2011) propelled by a superb score this movie follows a brooding driving savant played by Ryan Gosling. He is a part time stuntman part time getaway driver. He falls for his neighbor(played by Carey Mulligan) and hangs out with her and her child just enough to grow fond of them. She is married and her ex-convict hubby is returning from jail. After coming to grips with the fact that he can not be with his new crush, he sees the returning hubby beaten down by thugs. The driver decides to help the ex-con get straight with the mob by being  the getaway driver for a simple pawn shop robbery. He is given Christina Hendricks as a distraction to help with the robbery. However the robbery goes askew and is part of a bigger scheme. From that point this movie becomes a typical noir web with the protagonist trying to fix the unfixable. I love the score by Cliff Martinez(he also did the hypnotic score to Traffic). The movie  itself was an exercise I have experienced before- brooding outsider finds someone he connects with, but the connection is in danger due to the inertia of life. I think I would have enjoyed the score as a CD more than watching the movie, I did not hate this movie, but it is not something to seek out. C-

Wrestling fans in the Virginia Beach and 757 area, you can meet Rikishi on Friday, May 25th at 10 pm EST at Peabody's Nightclub in Virginia Beach. He will be competing the next night at SPW Uprising 2 at the Scope Exhibition Hall in Norfolk.

Here is the link to the my review of WWE Raw from Richmond,Va - click to read. My column will be posted every week on Wrestle Hustle , Australia's top pro wrestling web site.

Congrats to SmokedOut and the one year anniversary of his wrestling podcast The Chronic Connection
Click to listen/Right Click to Save

I went out in the driving rain yesterday to snag the new WCW Clash of Champions DVD from Wal*Mart because I was told they had extra content, well I guess something changed since I found out after purchasing my copy that Best Buy has the extra content for this disc- either way I loved the first 2 discs and will post a review to Wrestle Hustle before the weekend.!/jobberjoe99

Greg Oliver writes about the 2012 Wrestling Hall of Fame inductions- click to read.

Fans of music and random genres-check out the latest Audio Junk- click to listen or download . Audio Junk is on Kaos Radio Austin every Tuesday at 1 pm CST..mixing everything from Led Zepplin to The Scissor Sisters- the chop shop of sound slices and dices samples from the 1977 cult classic House, pro wrestling and more.

ROH will be in Baltimore,Maryland on June 29th,2012.

Combat Zone Wrestling returns to action on Friday, June 1 at the Vogt Recreation Center, 6700 Cottage ST in Philadelphia, PA with a 7 pm bell time - all in benefit for the Fox Chase Cancer Center!

Suggested donation of $10 to benefit the Fox Chase Cancer Center.

Featuring action from:
* Before heading to CZW's TOD Tournament on June 23 in Delaware, Breakout talent Matt Tremont and international star Rory Mondo vs. the debuting South Side Terminators (Havoc & AC Anderson)
* High flying sensation Latin Dragon takes on The Gulak Campaign for a Better CZW's Alexander James
* A fan can win $100 if they can bodyslam Mr. Tofiga!
* Also featuring International stars including CZW owner DJ Hyde, Mia Yim, Kimber Lee, Greg Excellent, Drew Gulak, as well as CZW stars 4Loko's Alex Colon, Joe Gacy, Shane Strickland, Ryan Slater, and more

International professional wrestling organization Combat Zone Wrestling is in its fourteenth year of operation. Homebased out of Philadelphia, CZW travels world wide and has upcoming events:
* June 9 - Great Miami Event Center, 327 S. Second ST, Hamilton, OH
* June 23 - Ultraviolent Underground, Ebenezer Church RD, Townsend, DE
* July 27 to 30 - Korakuen Hall, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Japan

The most recent batch of videos and downloads from RF Video
New Jack: Menace 2 Sobriety In The Ring with Kevin Nash Pro Wrestling Syndicate- Refuse 2 Lose 2012 Resistance Pro- Vicious Circle 2/17/12 ECWA Super 8 Tournament 2012 In The Ring with Dave Finlay Shoot Interview with Yoshihiro Tajiri Shoot Interview with New Jack 2012
Visit for more information!!!

The latest from NECW- click to view

For fun interaction - check out the Wrestlecrap Forums.

1wrestling and Lords of Pain are 2 of many sources for wrestling news blurbs on the web.

The Monday episode of Roundtable Wrestling Radio -Click to listen/Right Click to Save

The May 4,2012 episode of the always fun Old School Wrestling Podcast features a bout between The New Breed and the Armstrongs. Click to Download

After the free release of 2 faceoff maps, the second pack of DLC was released for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 yesterday and as part of the release - it is a double XP time.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

WWE Over the Limit/RIP Donna Summer/Wrestling links and more

WWE Over the Limit 2012
WWE Over the Limit started the way many WCW Nitros ended, with several grapplers in the ring fighting. No graphics ,just a huge battle royal between several mid-carders for the right to compete for either the US Strap or the IC title.Christian managed to win the opening match as Santino and Cody Rhodes looked on. One major botch in the battle royal was Darren Young propelling himself out of the ring- can't imagine this spot not ending up in a Botch-a-mania video. In other matches Layla beat Beth Phoenix to retain the butterfly belt. Sheamus managed to keep the World Heavyweight strap after beating Randy Orton,Alberto Del Rio and Chris Jericho. Miz called out Brodus Clay after he did some robotic versions of thriller dances and then ended up loosing yet again to the funkasaurus. Christian decided to fight Cody Rhodes for the IC strap and then won the match to become the IC champ. R-Truth and Kofi Kingston retained the tag titles. Another WWE PPV is in the books. Ryback beat one of the bicycle crew in a squash match. This one featured a good back and forth match between CM Punk and Daniel Bryan for the WWE Championship, Punk retained after a solid match that energized the crowd. The main event was a comedy match as the overmatched Johnny Ace competed in a people power leotard/jump suit against John Cena- after Cena bullied Lauranatis around for several minutes (including pouring water on his crotch,the airplane spin and STFUs with the crowd counting to ten) it looked like Johnny Ace was going to run away. Sadly the beantown bully did not apply either the purple nurple or the nuggie. Ace was escorted back to the ring by the recently fired Big Show. Big Show then helped Lauranatis win to help him keep his job. Overall this was a lackluster PPV- I watched a family of 6 pass out during the match- I was at a local Virginia Beach Buffalo Wild Wings and during the course of the last 3 matches the family took turns zoning out- I zoned out on the way home. Of course that may have had more to do with the dated comedy stylings of David Steinberg that my ride insisted on playing during the commute home. Unlike the first several PPVs of the year this is not an event I need to own on DVD or even record on DVr- I really liked the CM Punk/Daniel Bryan confrontation and the sign that stated I once wrestled a bear- but beyond that I wish I would have stayed home and watched Mad Men and Celebrity Apprentice instead.

RIP Donna Summer

Meet WWE Legend Rikishi at Peabody's in Virginia Beach,VA. The night before he competes at Scope he will be signing autographs and taking pictures with fans. Get there early for this special College Nation event. Call 757-422-6212 for more information. The Corner of 21st and Pacific.
Get a chance to win free tickets to SPW Uprising 2 at Norfolk Scope on Saturday May 26,2012.

My review of Wrestlemania XXVIII DVD set - click to read

Coming Tuesday-Brand new Audio Junk this Tuesday - mixing everything from Led Zepplin to The Scissor Sisters- the chop shop of sound slices and sound samples from the 1977 cult classic House, pro wrestling and more. Tuesday 1 pm CST on Kaos Radio

The Thursday episode of Roundtable Wrestling Radio - click to listen/right click to save

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RIP Chuck Brown

Loves me some Go-Go- DC funk rules- but here is the sad confession I have never caught a Go-Go show live- and I was born in DC- now I will never get to see Chuck Brown- my thoughts go out to his friends and family. Above are 2 classic grooves.

Just finished season one of Downton Abbey- I really like the characters on the show and am curious how the war will change the cast of characters for the next season.

My recent review of Wrestlemania XVIII - click the link to read.

In wrestling news- after a tease that Tara would be in Penthouse magazine , it is revealed that it is not a pictorial but an article about the Knockouts.

The most recent episode of Roundtable Wrestling Radio recorded after TNA Impact -click to listen/right click to save

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Raw Ruminations 3, Run DMC, Pho, Wrestling and more

After dinner at the always delightful Pho 78 in Virginia Beach I purchased new RUN-DMC earbuds so I can listen to my iPod at random times without the clunky club DJ headphones I have laying around the house. During dinner we watched Kareem Abdul Jabbar compete and loose on celebrity Jeopardy and then caught some of America's Got Talent- I admit I like Howard Stern on the show and it looks fun, but honestly I will probably never watch it on a regular basis. Lately I have been watching a mix of Black Books , Dr Who , Caprica and Downton Abbey on Netflix Streaming. Desperate Housewives concluded their run on ABC- I liked the first hour of the finale and the conclusion to the Bree murder trial, the second hour felt like After Mash. Either way I enjoyed the show,but I am glad it is history. I am rooting for Arsenio Hall to win Celebrity Apprentice- although the Magic Johnson video gaffe had my jaw agape as I was laughing at the miscue.Speaking of miscues this season of SNL has been subpar- yes I joined the SNL is not the same bandwagon 26 years later or so.

Speaking of listening- here is a link to the most recent episode of Audio Junk- this episode features mashups,samples,funk,soul and more -click to listen for more odd audio check out

Sadly Wrestlecrap radio will no longer be co-hosted by RD and Blade Braxton, on the upside Blade will continue to do shows. The best news I have read in some time is that Tara a/k/a Victoria in WWE will be featured nude in Penthouse magazine- can't wait to not read the articles.

Here is the link to my most recent column about Monday Night Raw- click to read.

Here is a decent documentary about Wrestling at the Chase and the legacy of Sam Muschnick and St Louis wrestling.

For spirited discussion about Monday Night Raw ,recorded right after Raw here  is the most recent episode of Roundtable Wrestling Radio - click to listen/right click to save

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Rikishi is coming to Virginia Beach

 Meet Wrestling Legend Rikishi at Peabody's in Virginia Beach,Va on Friday May 25, 2012 at 9:30 pm EST. Peabody's is located at the corner of 21st and Pacific Avenue in Virginia Beach. Call 757-422-6212 for more information. Compete to win tickets to SPW Uprising at Norfolk Scope on Saturday May 26,2012. Rikishi will be taking on The Dustman Mark Anthony.


The Latest Roundtable Wrestling Radio from Thursday May 10,2012-Click to Listen/Right Click to Save

Click to read the most recent article by Mike Mooneyham- this week it is about South Carolina grappler Pete Kassa.

The most recent episode of The Old School Wrestling Podcast- They discuss Hardcore Hack vs Bam Bam Bigelow from WCW Spring Stampede 1999- Click to Listen/Right Click to Save

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Brand new Roundtable Wrestling Radio /RIP Maurice Sendak/New Audio Junk/Dark Shadows

Last night's Roundtable Wrestling Radio covering RAW, the return of Paul Heyman, the devaluing of CM Punk and more- Click to Listen/Right Click to Save

My latest column -Raw Ruminations covering the return of Paul Heyman and more-click to read.

The most recent Audio Junk - click to listen - mixing punk, dance,rap, movie quotes and more.

                                                          RIP Maurice Sendak

Went to a screening of the new Tim Burton adaptation of the cult soap horror fave Dark Shadows. I admit I had not seen the original series. I thought this was engaging enough(but maybe a little long). Johnny Depp was charming as usual as Barnabus Collins and Eva Green was bewitching as his main foe. Not something I would rush out to see again, but a fun diversion from the work-a-day routine.This Gothic tinged horror is played for laughs,some resonate and others feel like the result of 2 many test screenings.  B-

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Cinco De Mayhem (Wrestling Links and Pictures)


The Army of 2 won me over versus the bottom feeders in a match between 2 of the armed services

                                          Zak Hylton laid into Chase Daniels like he owed him something or like he was Sean Denny- setting up their Scope confrontation on May 26- Uprising 2-either way it was my favorite match as Zak really snapped.
                                         Former tag partners Sterling Williams and S12 lock up.

                                               VCW May 5 2012
                                         US Jay Steel takes flight in his second match of the day.

2 totally different shows and vibes and they took place maybe 20 minute drive from each other- I don't know exactly since I missed my turn for the second show and had to back track. Zak Hylton put on the match of the day as he beat the tar out of Chase Daniels(egged on by other grapplers - he imagined his foe to be Sean Denny- and he laid it in). It was good seeing Sam Bass  managed by Mr Salazar kick but on some nameless kid in a singlet. I admit the most fun I had was dribbling a basketball left in the church gym and playing keep away with some of the kids during intermission- reminded me of going to football games and playing behind the bleachers or shooting hoops during timeouts - I miss playing 3-5 days a week that much I know for certain.After 2 straight wrestling shows I put on a lucha mask and robe and cavorted around Peabody's at Virginia Beach- funny how folks will just randomly talk to a masked man. One guy did offer to buy the mask - I told him 200 dollars- he walked away, others wanted my picture- funny stuff.

Brand new Mike Mooneyham article about Brock Lesnar-click to read

According to rumor- Goldust has been released from WWE - he was working as an agent since December 2010

Friday, May 04, 2012


MCA a/k/a Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys has passed away

47 years old and a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame- Adam Yauch lost his battle with cancer

I admit I was not won over by Licensed to Ill -but Paul's Boutique won me over- and yes I have the 8 fold vinyl somewhere in the crib.

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Raw review link + Wrestling Videos - Extreme Reunion reaction and whimp busters

Sadly the podcast for Wrestlecrap is going to cease production in July. A very fun look at the worst of wrestling by the authors of the fun Wrestlecrap Book of  Lists

Speaking of podcasts- check out the latest Brian and Vinny show- it is a free episode on the Wrestling Observer podcast thread and then join the Brent Kremen page on facebook.

If you have the game show network they will be playing 3 episodes on Wednesday May 9th of the Family Feud featuring TNA wrestlers.

Call of Duty:Black Ops 2 trailer

Melancholia (2011) / Captain America (2011)

This 2011 Lars von Trier movie follows 2 sisters as they deal with impending doom. Set in a posh golf resort the first half of the movie is set around a lavish wedding that Kristen Dunst does everything to sabotage, part 2 follows her sister(Charlotte Gainsbourg) and brother-in-law (Kiefer Sutherland) preparing for the possibility of Earth crashing into another planet while Dunst mopes around the estate. The upside is she lounges around nude for a scene or two - in one sequence topless Kristen Dunst looks like she is offering herself up to the wayward planet. This is more of a character study with a light sprinkling of sci-fi to push the story along.136 minutes tick away from the opening classical montage to the closing credits, the movie does have some amazing visuals including a great aerial shot of the 2 sisters riding horseback in a mist covered morning. As the title suggests this tone poem is rather depressing even during moments that normally lend themselves to gaiety and fun. Currently streaming on Netflix this movie is not something I would suggest to folks looking for another doomsday blockbuster, this more for the art-house crowd and although this offering received good reviews it tended to make me drift off(to be fair I had only gotten 4 hours sleep the previous night).  C-

Captain America (2011) This retelling of the mythic World War hero plays it safe,actually way safe. This is the type of movie that plays alright for adults and may wow the youth, but there is nothing all that riveting about the origin of Captain America or even his battles. Huge Weaving does a good job as his nemesis the crazed Red Skull( more ambitious and as powerful as Nazi Germany with his secret cult gang Hydra). And the guy playing Cap does a good job- but really the story felt paint by numbers- the most interesting part of the movie comes at the end and that scenario was portrayed in a 60s movie with James Garner(36 Hours). I liked this more than Thor or Daredevil, but this is not something I would seek to own on DVD or watch again.  C-

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Roundtable Wrestling Radio post Raw 4/30/12

Brand new Roundtable Wrestling Radio - Click to Listen/Right Click to Save (updated perm link)
From Monday April 30th,2012- Extreme Rules and Extreme Reunion thoughts, Raw wrap-up,The great yes rebellion of 2012, Buff Bagwell update and so much more.