Sunday, May 06, 2012

Cinco De Mayhem (Wrestling Links and Pictures)


The Army of 2 won me over versus the bottom feeders in a match between 2 of the armed services

                                          Zak Hylton laid into Chase Daniels like he owed him something or like he was Sean Denny- setting up their Scope confrontation on May 26- Uprising 2-either way it was my favorite match as Zak really snapped.
                                         Former tag partners Sterling Williams and S12 lock up.

                                               VCW May 5 2012
                                         US Jay Steel takes flight in his second match of the day.

2 totally different shows and vibes and they took place maybe 20 minute drive from each other- I don't know exactly since I missed my turn for the second show and had to back track. Zak Hylton put on the match of the day as he beat the tar out of Chase Daniels(egged on by other grapplers - he imagined his foe to be Sean Denny- and he laid it in). It was good seeing Sam Bass  managed by Mr Salazar kick but on some nameless kid in a singlet. I admit the most fun I had was dribbling a basketball left in the church gym and playing keep away with some of the kids during intermission- reminded me of going to football games and playing behind the bleachers or shooting hoops during timeouts - I miss playing 3-5 days a week that much I know for certain.After 2 straight wrestling shows I put on a lucha mask and robe and cavorted around Peabody's at Virginia Beach- funny how folks will just randomly talk to a masked man. One guy did offer to buy the mask - I told him 200 dollars- he walked away, others wanted my picture- funny stuff.

Brand new Mike Mooneyham article about Brock Lesnar-click to read

According to rumor- Goldust has been released from WWE - he was working as an agent since December 2010

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