Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Drive(2011) review /Wrestling Links and new Audio Junk

Drive(2011) propelled by a superb score this movie follows a brooding driving savant played by Ryan Gosling. He is a part time stuntman part time getaway driver. He falls for his neighbor(played by Carey Mulligan) and hangs out with her and her child just enough to grow fond of them. She is married and her ex-convict hubby is returning from jail. After coming to grips with the fact that he can not be with his new crush, he sees the returning hubby beaten down by thugs. The driver decides to help the ex-con get straight with the mob by being  the getaway driver for a simple pawn shop robbery. He is given Christina Hendricks as a distraction to help with the robbery. However the robbery goes askew and is part of a bigger scheme. From that point this movie becomes a typical noir web with the protagonist trying to fix the unfixable. I love the score by Cliff Martinez(he also did the hypnotic score to Traffic). The movie  itself was an exercise I have experienced before- brooding outsider finds someone he connects with, but the connection is in danger due to the inertia of life. I think I would have enjoyed the score as a CD more than watching the movie, I did not hate this movie, but it is not something to seek out. C-

Wrestling fans in the Virginia Beach and 757 area, you can meet Rikishi on Friday, May 25th at 10 pm EST at Peabody's Nightclub in Virginia Beach. He will be competing the next night at SPW Uprising 2 at the Scope Exhibition Hall in Norfolk.

Here is the link to the my review of WWE Raw from Richmond,Va - click to read. My column will be posted every week on Wrestle Hustle , Australia's top pro wrestling web site.

Congrats to SmokedOut and the one year anniversary of his wrestling podcast The Chronic Connection
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I went out in the driving rain yesterday to snag the new WCW Clash of Champions DVD from Wal*Mart because I was told they had extra content, well I guess something changed since I found out after purchasing my copy that Best Buy has the extra content for this disc- either way I loved the first 2 discs and will post a review to Wrestle Hustle before the weekend.!/jobberjoe99

Greg Oliver writes about the 2012 Wrestling Hall of Fame inductions- click to read.

Fans of music and random genres-check out the latest Audio Junk- click to listen or download . Audio Junk is on Kaos Radio Austin every Tuesday at 1 pm CST..mixing everything from Led Zepplin to The Scissor Sisters- the chop shop of sound slices and dices samples from the 1977 cult classic House, pro wrestling and more.

ROH will be in Baltimore,Maryland on June 29th,2012.

Combat Zone Wrestling returns to action on Friday, June 1 at the Vogt Recreation Center, 6700 Cottage ST in Philadelphia, PA with a 7 pm bell time - all in benefit for the Fox Chase Cancer Center!

Suggested donation of $10 to benefit the Fox Chase Cancer Center.

Featuring action from:
* Before heading to CZW's TOD Tournament on June 23 in Delaware, Breakout talent Matt Tremont and international star Rory Mondo vs. the debuting South Side Terminators (Havoc & AC Anderson)
* High flying sensation Latin Dragon takes on The Gulak Campaign for a Better CZW's Alexander James
* A fan can win $100 if they can bodyslam Mr. Tofiga!
* Also featuring International stars including CZW owner DJ Hyde, Mia Yim, Kimber Lee, Greg Excellent, Drew Gulak, as well as CZW stars 4Loko's Alex Colon, Joe Gacy, Shane Strickland, Ryan Slater, and more

International professional wrestling organization Combat Zone Wrestling is in its fourteenth year of operation. Homebased out of Philadelphia, CZW travels world wide and has upcoming events:
* June 9 - Great Miami Event Center, 327 S. Second ST, Hamilton, OH
* June 23 - Ultraviolent Underground, Ebenezer Church RD, Townsend, DE
* July 27 to 30 - Korakuen Hall, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Japan

The most recent batch of videos and downloads from RF Video
New Jack: Menace 2 Sobriety In The Ring with Kevin Nash Pro Wrestling Syndicate- Refuse 2 Lose 2012 Resistance Pro- Vicious Circle 2/17/12 ECWA Super 8 Tournament 2012 In The Ring with Dave Finlay Shoot Interview with Yoshihiro Tajiri Shoot Interview with New Jack 2012
Visit for more information!!!

The latest from NECW- click to view

For fun interaction - check out the Wrestlecrap Forums.

1wrestling and Lords of Pain are 2 of many sources for wrestling news blurbs on the web.

The Monday episode of Roundtable Wrestling Radio -Click to listen/Right Click to Save

The May 4,2012 episode of the always fun Old School Wrestling Podcast features a bout between The New Breed and the Armstrongs. Click to Download

After the free release of 2 faceoff maps, the second pack of DLC was released for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 yesterday and as part of the release - it is a double XP time.

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