Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Melancholia (2011) / Captain America (2011)

This 2011 Lars von Trier movie follows 2 sisters as they deal with impending doom. Set in a posh golf resort the first half of the movie is set around a lavish wedding that Kristen Dunst does everything to sabotage, part 2 follows her sister(Charlotte Gainsbourg) and brother-in-law (Kiefer Sutherland) preparing for the possibility of Earth crashing into another planet while Dunst mopes around the estate. The upside is she lounges around nude for a scene or two - in one sequence topless Kristen Dunst looks like she is offering herself up to the wayward planet. This is more of a character study with a light sprinkling of sci-fi to push the story along.136 minutes tick away from the opening classical montage to the closing credits, the movie does have some amazing visuals including a great aerial shot of the 2 sisters riding horseback in a mist covered morning. As the title suggests this tone poem is rather depressing even during moments that normally lend themselves to gaiety and fun. Currently streaming on Netflix this movie is not something I would suggest to folks looking for another doomsday blockbuster, this more for the art-house crowd and although this offering received good reviews it tended to make me drift off(to be fair I had only gotten 4 hours sleep the previous night).  C-

Captain America (2011) This retelling of the mythic World War hero plays it safe,actually way safe. This is the type of movie that plays alright for adults and may wow the youth, but there is nothing all that riveting about the origin of Captain America or even his battles. Huge Weaving does a good job as his nemesis the crazed Red Skull( more ambitious and as powerful as Nazi Germany with his secret cult gang Hydra). And the guy playing Cap does a good job- but really the story felt paint by numbers- the most interesting part of the movie comes at the end and that scenario was portrayed in a 60s movie with James Garner(36 Hours). I liked this more than Thor or Daredevil, but this is not something I would seek to own on DVD or watch again.  C-

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