Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Raw Ruminations 3, Run DMC, Pho, Wrestling and more

After dinner at the always delightful Pho 78 in Virginia Beach I purchased new RUN-DMC earbuds so I can listen to my iPod at random times without the clunky club DJ headphones I have laying around the house. During dinner we watched Kareem Abdul Jabbar compete and loose on celebrity Jeopardy and then caught some of America's Got Talent- I admit I like Howard Stern on the show and it looks fun, but honestly I will probably never watch it on a regular basis. Lately I have been watching a mix of Black Books , Dr Who , Caprica and Downton Abbey on Netflix Streaming. Desperate Housewives concluded their run on ABC- I liked the first hour of the finale and the conclusion to the Bree murder trial, the second hour felt like After Mash. Either way I enjoyed the show,but I am glad it is history. I am rooting for Arsenio Hall to win Celebrity Apprentice- although the Magic Johnson video gaffe had my jaw agape as I was laughing at the miscue.Speaking of miscues this season of SNL has been subpar- yes I joined the SNL is not the same bandwagon 26 years later or so.

Speaking of listening- here is a link to the most recent episode of Audio Junk- this episode features mashups,samples,funk,soul and more -click to listen for more odd audio check out http://kaosradioaustin.org

Sadly Wrestlecrap radio will no longer be co-hosted by RD and Blade Braxton, on the upside Blade will continue to do shows. The best news I have read in some time is that Tara a/k/a Victoria in WWE will be featured nude in Penthouse magazine- can't wait to not read the articles.

Here is the link to my most recent column about Monday Night Raw- click to read.

Here is a decent documentary about Wrestling at the Chase and the legacy of Sam Muschnick and St Louis wrestling.

For spirited discussion about Monday Night Raw ,recorded right after Raw here  is the most recent episode of Roundtable Wrestling Radio - click to listen/right click to save

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