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Raw Ruminations V / OBX trip/ Rolling Thunder and Lolita reviews

WWE Raw broadcast live from New Orleans on Monday- click the link to read my review on Wrestle Hustle.

Bad time for top grapplers in WWE and suspensions- WWE.COM just posted that Randy Orton was suspended for 60 days for his second wellness policy violation , Chris Jericho was suspended 30 days for the Brazilian incident and Rey Mysterio, Jr is still on suspension.

"Be apart of a RFVIDEO DVD taping tomorrow night for our newest IN THE RING with Val Venis!!!!!!

The Place..CZW Wrestling Academy right next to ECW Arena 
The Time..630PM until 10PM
The Cost..$20 and open to anyone who wants to get into the wrestling business or is already training to be a wrestler.

The CZW Wrestling school is right accross the street from the ECW arena. If you are standing at the main entrance to the arena you can actually throw a rock and hit the school thats how close it is. Just remember if you actually throw a rock you might get DJ Hyde pissed off and he might but a light tube over your head so we do not recommend the rock throwing part.

We are just ONE day away this THURSDAY NIGHT!!!!! 630PM until 10PM !!!!!

Val Venis Seminar at the CZW wrestling School and this is being taped for our newest In the Ring DVDs!!!! You are all invited to come if your in the business or just breaking in…

TNA Impact Wrestling is live for most of the summer and will now broadcast at 8  pm EST instead of 9 pm EST and tonight's show is the debut of Brooke Hogan.

Next Wednesday at 2 pm the INSP channel will be playing the episode of the Canadian miniseries The Wind at my Back called the Champ is Here- featuring a touring wrestling group that comes in to con the locals.It is a decent episode.

Friday May 25th Peabody's in Virginia Beach,VA  hosted a meet and greet with Rikishi

                                         Link to the most recent episode of Audio Junk - click to listen or download

After a full week took a quick jaunt to the Outer Banks to hang out with my wife and friends - before we crossed the border we stopped at Powell's to pick up some fudge including their incredible Tiger Butter fudge

.After we settled in we went to the Black Pelican near Mile Post 4 for a superb meal- I got the crab and shrimp bake and it was incredible as usual.
After a desert of Powell's fudge we watched the second half of the Western Conference finals- the game got stale quick when the Thunder decided to hack the Ashton Kutcher looking Splitter dude for the Spurs-over 70 free throws and it seemed like 60 of them were at the end of the 3rd quarter.

Woke up and watched Rolling Thunder.

Rolling Thunder is a revenge flick following William Devane as Vietnam POW who returns home to a fubar homestead after being out of circulation for 7 years.His family is torn asunder and then destroyed by his return and he finds himself hellbent on evening the score after loosing his arm to some bandits who wanted 2 large in silver dollars. Tommy Lee Jones and Dabney Coleman are also in hand for this picture. A decent fast paced movie covering the displaced feelings that POW/MIA had to face when acclimating to civilian life after being in war.Worth checking out for fans of action flicks and revenge plots.   B

This morning we went to Duck Donuts for some excellent donuts - sadly our trip was cut short by the tropical depression.While we scarfed down the Donuts we watched the Stanley Kubrick version of Lolita.

Lolita- James Mason rolls into town looking for a place to stay. Widow Shelley Winters shows her abode to the touring writer. Mason seems unimpressed until he notices her young daughter Lolita(portrayed by Sue Lyon). Based on a Nabakov novel about a man obsessed with 12 year old females , the film version never mentions her age and she seems to be a little older than 12- but the scenario is still rather creepy.The dialogue and chemistry between Mason, Lyon and Winters is superb, sadly Peter Sellers ruins several scenes with his ham-handed performance as Claire Quilty in the movie.The movie is worth seeing for the great performances by Mason,Winters and Lyon but is rather long and imperfect due to the oddly placed Quilty scenes.  B

IGN article  covering the next WWE game

WWE Raw broadcast live from New Orleans on Monday- click the link to read my review


RIP Bluegrass legend Doc Watson

After getting back from OBX we stopped by Chesapeake Pizza and got the Chesapeake special to eat while we watched Sunday's Mad Men- WOW - currently my fave show on TV- hands down- even more so than Walking Dead- apples and oranges I know- but I love the writing on Mad Men and the characters even when they do things that are in a grey or worse area.

Howard Brody reporting from Nassau, Bahamas with NWA Ring Warriors results from the Kendal Isaacs Gymnasium: Opening match saw JT Flash (aka GQ Smooth) defeat Pablo Marquez; Jesse Neal beat self-proclaimed "King of Florida" Francisco Ciatso; Sienna Duvall defeated Santana Garrett in a ladies match, afterwards both ladies were challenged by former WWC ladies champ La Rosa Negra; former NWA NationalHeavyweight Champion Chance Prophet defeated The Giant Titan to win the NWA Ring Warriors Bahamian Championship in a controversial finish; Wes Brisco and "The VIP" Cassidy Riley defeated The Red-Devil Fight Team (Mikhail Ivanov and Alex Chekov) managed by Adam Barisano in a wild tag team contest; and NWA National Heavyweight Champion The Tokyo Monster Kahagas successfully defended his title with a disqualification victory over "The Haitian Sensation" Tyree Pride. Paid Attendence 606

CZW Upcoming shows
- Saturday, June 23 - 'Tournament of Death XI' - Ebenezer Church RD, Townsend, DE - 2:30 pm

In First Round Action of T.O.D.:
* The Nation of Intoxication Drunken Scaffold Match: Devon Moore vs. Danny Havoc vs. Lucky tHURTeen (See N.O.I.'s reaction on the CZW YouTube Channel at
* Ultraviolent Ladders Match (In Memory of JC Bailey): Rory Mondo vs. Drake Younger (Mondo makes a big promise on the CZW YouTube Channel at
* Pains in the Glass Match: CZW World Heavyweight champion MASADA vs. Scot Summers
* Ultraviolent Bats Match: Matt Tremont vs. BJW Death Match Heavyweight champion Abdullah Kobayashi (If Tremont wins T.O.D. he gets CZW owner DJ Hyde one-on-one. Tremont has some things to say on the CZW YouTube Channel at

In Non-Tournament Action:
* Fans Bring the Weapons: Former Runaways Collide as Joe Gacy takes on Ryan Slater (Gacy tries to explain himself on the CZW Youtube channel at

Tickets available NOW at 
For sponsorship and vendor opportunities, contact Fans can show their support on the 'Tournament of Death' Facebook event site at

- Saturday, July 14 - CZW 'New Heights' - Returns to the Philadelphia/South Jersey area TBD - 7:30 pm
- Friday, July 27 to Monday, July 30 - CZW teams with wXw & BJW for the Triangle of Ultraviolent Tour at Korakuen Hall, Bonkyo-ku, Tokyo, Japan - Time TBD

The Monday episode of Roundtable Wrestling Radio - click to listen

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