Sunday, May 20, 2012

WWE Over the Limit/RIP Donna Summer/Wrestling links and more

WWE Over the Limit 2012
WWE Over the Limit started the way many WCW Nitros ended, with several grapplers in the ring fighting. No graphics ,just a huge battle royal between several mid-carders for the right to compete for either the US Strap or the IC title.Christian managed to win the opening match as Santino and Cody Rhodes looked on. One major botch in the battle royal was Darren Young propelling himself out of the ring- can't imagine this spot not ending up in a Botch-a-mania video. In other matches Layla beat Beth Phoenix to retain the butterfly belt. Sheamus managed to keep the World Heavyweight strap after beating Randy Orton,Alberto Del Rio and Chris Jericho. Miz called out Brodus Clay after he did some robotic versions of thriller dances and then ended up loosing yet again to the funkasaurus. Christian decided to fight Cody Rhodes for the IC strap and then won the match to become the IC champ. R-Truth and Kofi Kingston retained the tag titles. Another WWE PPV is in the books. Ryback beat one of the bicycle crew in a squash match. This one featured a good back and forth match between CM Punk and Daniel Bryan for the WWE Championship, Punk retained after a solid match that energized the crowd. The main event was a comedy match as the overmatched Johnny Ace competed in a people power leotard/jump suit against John Cena- after Cena bullied Lauranatis around for several minutes (including pouring water on his crotch,the airplane spin and STFUs with the crowd counting to ten) it looked like Johnny Ace was going to run away. Sadly the beantown bully did not apply either the purple nurple or the nuggie. Ace was escorted back to the ring by the recently fired Big Show. Big Show then helped Lauranatis win to help him keep his job. Overall this was a lackluster PPV- I watched a family of 6 pass out during the match- I was at a local Virginia Beach Buffalo Wild Wings and during the course of the last 3 matches the family took turns zoning out- I zoned out on the way home. Of course that may have had more to do with the dated comedy stylings of David Steinberg that my ride insisted on playing during the commute home. Unlike the first several PPVs of the year this is not an event I need to own on DVD or even record on DVr- I really liked the CM Punk/Daniel Bryan confrontation and the sign that stated I once wrestled a bear- but beyond that I wish I would have stayed home and watched Mad Men and Celebrity Apprentice instead.

RIP Donna Summer

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