Saturday, May 26, 2012

WCW Clash of Champions review/Sleeping Beauty (2011) review ,wrestling and more

To read my full review of WCW Clash of Champions at Wrestle Hustle- click this link

Tonight Rikishi will be competing against "The Dustman" Mark Anthony at the Scope in Norfolk,VA

After a few months of eschewing AWA re-runs ESPN Classics will be running several episodes of AWA Thursday night in a row.I don't know what era of AWA will be shown- but after months of not showing AWA- ESPN classics will be showing several AWA episodes late Thursday night/early Friday morning- one upside of these shows- the original music- the downside- it really depends on the episode and the time frame.

Next Thursday May 31, Impact wrestling moves to the 8 pm EST time slot on Spike and will also be live.

Congrats to Smoked Out on the one year anniversary of his podcast The Chronic Connection covering international , indie wrestling and more - Click to listen/Right Click to Save

The most recent Old School Wrestling Podcast - this episode covers Tajiri vs Super Crazy vs Little Guido match- Click to Download

DGUSA will hold a live event in Taylor, Michigan at the Gibraltar Trade Center on July 28th. Tickets will go on sale at this Wednesday. 

I re-watched Silent Partner starring Elliot Gould as a bank teller that turns a robbery by Christopher Plummer on it's head. This is a DVD I am happy to own- well worth seeking out if you like neo-noir.

Sleeping Beauty (2011) an odd kink of a film. A pale skinny redheaded college age gal gets recruited to work for a shady research/service company. This new version of softcore follows a gal that works several jobs answers an advertisement in the paper for a high paying job. At first she works swanky parties in lingerie as a hostess while he co-workers(all female) work topless. Then she is told about a chance to make bank being sedated while rich clients grope her- she is told that her vagina will not be penetrated. It is creepy watching old men trying to grope a passed out female regardless of the scenario. Currently available on Netflix Streaming this movie is not for everyone and probably will offend some with it's brutal frankness about subject matter. I was compelled to watch the whole thing- but not entirely happy with the payoff.  B-

The most recent RWR from Thursday - Click to Download

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