Saturday, June 30, 2012

Wine , Women and thong

40 years - that is the span of time between Man Mountain Dean's appearance in We're in the Money and H.B. Haggerty's cameo on Adam-12. One thing links these 2 appearance by these 2 grapplers- something about professional wrestling ain't on the level.

In We're in the Money , a 1935 Warner Brothers comedy, Joan Blondell is a process server. She goes to the wrestling matches to serve a subpoena to Man Mountain Dean. She tries to hustle her way backstage posing as a hillbilly cousin of the hulking wrestler. The stage manager is on to her charade since Man Mountain Dean is from the Big Apple. The match is presented as part of the movie and to say it presents wrestling as comedy is an understatement. Eventually Man Mountain Dean lands in the laps of the process servers and is handed the court document.

Fast forward to the early 70s. Officers Reed and Malloy are confronted by a wheelchair bound former wrestler Dobish portrayed by H.B. Haggerty. Dobish has been tearing up a whiskey store after some folks intimated that all wrestlers are phonies. The proud grappler is set into a fury when the profession of his choosing is downgraded.

Ironically "Nature Boy" Ric Flair sites Vince McMahon's late declaration of sports entertainment as the most important moment in pro wrestling history. Although wrestling has been portrayed as less than sport or comedy since the 30s.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Raw Ruminations Link + Wrestling Interviews and more

Here is the link to my review of the latest episode of Raw- Click 996 to read the entire article
Raw Ruminations is a weekly feature on Wrestle Hustle , Australia's top wrestling website.

Been watching Redneck Island - it is basically a Survivor knockoff hosted by Stone Cold Steve Austin with a bunch of rednecks trying to win 100 grand. It ain't nothing special but a decent diversion.

Louie returned for season 3 on FX - as always full of laughs, this time Louie decides to get a motorcycle. Season 2 is now Netflix Streaming.

It is was nice seeing Sonjay Dutt back on Impact Wrestling. That finishing move was pretty tight. I like this time of year for TNA when they bring back X Division alum.

Fans of Evolve wrestling this is a big weekend as they present 3 straight iPPVs.

The Stro will take on Billy Gunn June 30th as part of APWA Blood Sweat and Tears in Alleghany, West Virginia. Also on the card Luke Gallows and Sonjay Dutt.

If you are near Kingsport, TN, NWA Smoky Mountain presents the Cage of Death,  cage matches, a battle royal and titles on the line- Saturday , June 30th.

July 14th in Fort Lauderdale, Florida NWA Ring Warriors will present Hollywood Heatwave featuring matches with Badass Billy Gunn, the Headbangers , Vordell Walker, Chance Prophet and others.

June 30th SPW in Virginia Beach will run a show at roller derby in Virginia Beach.

August 18th Warriors of Wrestling is bringing Matt Hardy, Robbie E, Shane Douglas,Shelly Martinez, Rosita and more to Staten Island, NY.

Tommy Dreamer will be launching a new promotion in October called the House of Hardcore.

Looking for a good source for wrestling and MMA news check out Angry Marks

The Old School Wrestling Podcast covers the 100th episode of Nitro- Click to listen

ECW original Shane Douglas returned to Roundtable Wrestling Radio on Monday - Click to Listen

New Jack was on Roundtable Wrestling Radio on Thursday- Click to listen

Locally the Colley Cantina is shutting down this weekend- having been a staple of the local rock scene for years, it is is a shame to see another landmark of the Norfolk scene go away. The endup before last call- the place to congregate after a movie or show is now going dark. It sucks and is another reminder of the transient nature of the bar business. It is the place I DJed most recently this year and last and also the place I saw Vinny Peculiar live.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Color Me Obsessed + Mulkeymania HOF

Color Me Obsessed is a documentary about the 80s rock/punk band The Replacements. Sadly the documentary does not include any music from the band , concert footage , interviews with the band and is rather skimpy with pictures of the group. Instead we get a barrage of anecdotes, sure some were very funny and others interesting and informative, but after awhile I started to really hunger to hear "Within Your Reach" or " Sixteen Blue" or well anything beyond the occasional strum of a guitar during title cards. This  movie has it's heart in the right place but not the budget or ability to tell the whole story. I enjoyed hearing about the band's origins and story- but I really wanted to hear the music and see the band. Overall I felt like I was watching deleted scenes or extras from a kickass documentary about the Replacements. Kudos to Todd Owens for setting up the event and getting a good turnout for the screening at the Cinema Cafe- although it was odd getting Ric Rolled before a movie about the Mats, not to mention cuts by REO Speedwagon and Richard Marx. Overall it was nice seeing the alternative music from the 757 crowd again, but I was not in love with the movie.
#### followup-after a night of being frustrated by no Mats music- the wife and I went cruising around town listening to a mini-playlist tonight after another good meal at El Azteca. Now it is time for Louie reruns and laughter.

The other day I watched a thorough although mind-numbing at times documentary on Charles Manson called the 6 Degrees of Helter Skelter- mixing archival footage with walking tours of the infamous murder spree locations in the present day. This is an obsessive fan's guidebook for other obsessive fans. I learned some new stuff- some interesting, other stuff bordering on banal. However this is worth checking out for folks curious and interested in the Manson murders that along with Altamont signaled the end of the 60s hippie movement.

Unsung returns to TV One Monday June 25th - the first episode chronicles the career of Sly and the Family Stone.

IN WRESTLING NEWS here is the latest column or rather link to a story by Mike Mooneyham about the Mulkey brothers. CLICK TO READ. Also WCW Clash of the Champions DVD is now on Netflix Streaming.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

SPW June 16 2012 Holiday Travel Park TV Taping Pictures

Saturday June 16 , 2012 - I went to SPW grappling event at the Holiday TravL Park - it was a different type of evening, driving through several vacationing campers relaxing to go pay $15  to watch local grapplers lock up next to the volleyball court behind the country store.

WWE , TNA . Carlos Colon, Edge Streaming and more

Impact is bolstered by the implementation of the Bound For Glory series - I love the 10 minute time limits on the matches in the BFG series. The AJ/Dixie storyline was the drizzling dookie- but the show was good except for the Hogans and the sex addict or whatever that baby bump chick was talking about.

"Brickhouse Brown looks more like Outhouse Brown"- Michael Cole discussing the demolition of this week's jobbers by Ryback on Smackdown. Superb main event between Sheamus and Dolf on Smackdown.

I hope No Holds Barred has extras on the DVD/Blue Ray release- if ever a DVD  needed a snarky MST3K rifftrax commentary this one does. No Holds Barred will be out 7/3/12

The Story of Edge is now on Netflix Streaming , yeah he sure loved the WWF and followed his dream. I have to admit I have never been an Edgehead- I loved his work with Christian when they were a tag-team and I was intrigued when the whole soap opera with Lita and Matt Hardy version 1.7 exploded. He seems like a likeable fella( although I have no interest in watching his wacky cop movie or Haven). Either way if you are like me this was the best way to peep his story without investing in a DVD or Blue-Ray. This was interesting enough to watch once but not something I would own.

Also new on Netflix Streaming is the best of Raw and Smackdown 2011.

WWE Classics on Demand added TLC 2011 this week.

RF Video is releasing a shoot interview with Carlos Colon. from the press release- "To make this shoot even better we are going to have interviews from Savio Vega, Abby, Dutch Mantell, Bobby Jaggers, Tony Atlas and Manny Fernandez talking about the incident."  Should be interesting.

This weekend CMT is replaying episodes of Red Neck Island hosted by Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Thursday ANT TV is showing an episode of Adam-12 - the episode synopsis states that Malloy and Reed have to subdue a wrestler.

To catch up on Australian professional wrestling make sure to check out Wrestle Hustle.

Tonight is Ping Pong A Looza at Peabody's in Virginia Beach.

2 interviews with Ernest "The Cat" Miller - the first one is from 1/20/2009 and includes a guest call-in from "Above Average" Mike Sanders - Click to listen/right click to save 

The second interview from Thursday June 21, 2012 on Roundtable Wrestling Radio Ernest "the Cat" Miller --CLICK TO LISTEN/RIGHT CLICK TO SAVE  joins The Bryon. Pat McDermott and Joey924

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

NEW RAW Review, Fishbone and more

To read my thoughts on WWE please check out wrestle hustle- click to read

Cyndi Lauper , Roddy Piper , Heath Slater, Layla and Wendy Richter from Monday Night Raw

New Japan Pro Wrestling has arranged Kota Ibushi vs LOW-KI for the IWGP Jr Heavyweight Championship 7.29.2012 in Korakuen Hall ( info courtesy of Smoked Out)

Infinity Pro Wrestling's largest event ever comes Saturday, June 30 to the National Guard Armory, 3380 S Walnut ST in Bloomington, IN with 'The Grand Tournament' with a 6 pm bell time.

'The Grand Tournament' will feature:
TNA's Austin Aries, Sugar Dunkerton, Hyzaya, Austin Manix, Adam Bueller, Jack Thriller, PJB, Joseph Schwartz, Keith Creme, Jake Omen, & Russ Jones

Also, in non-tournament action:
* Street Fight: Drake Younger vs. GT Vega - After Vega & Younger were pulled apart at 'Cinco de Mayo', these two will settle their bitter rivalry!
* Revelation (Kenneth James & Drew Lykos) vs. Tolerant Xero & Ron Brown - Brown was a fan assaulted by James at 'Dynamic DUOS'. Brown picked a partner in Tolerant Xero to take on Revelation!
* Dynamic Duos champions The Painkillers (Donnie & Jacob Hollows) vs. The Alpha Breed ("The Dream!" Trevor Court & Remi Wilkins)

SHINE Wrestling Presents
July 20th, 2012
Belltime: 8pm
Ybor City, FL

Price Options:
$9.99 live showing only
$14.99 live showing and unlimited onDemand access
$24.99 live showing, unlimited On Demand access, and DVD

Already Signed:
- Sara Del Rey
- Jazz
- Rain
- Mercedes Martinez
- Reby Sky
- Leva Bates
- Su Yung
- Kimbery
- Santana Garrett
- Christina Von Eerie
- Veda Scott
- Cherry Bomb

I watched a good documentary on one of my favorite bands of all time Fishbone- Everyday Sunshine was both invigorating and heartbreaking at the same time. In their heyday in the late 80s and early 90s(and I was lucky enough to catch a few shows) there was no better live experience on the planet. This is well worth checking out for any fans of funk,soul,punk or music. Currently you can catch this documentary on Netflix Streaming.

The most recent episode of Roundtable Wrestling Radio-recorded right after Raw with Pat McDermott, The Byron and Joey 924- click to listen/right click to download

Sunday, June 17, 2012

WWE No Way Out PPV/Blank City and Holiday Travel park grappling

2 days 2 wrestling events- just like 2011 for me- and the Saturday wrestling was held at a Holiday Travel park in Virginia Beach, Va. The SPW show had a small but enthusiastic gathering for the outdoor event- ironically at 15 bucks the fee was the same as someone taking advantage of the 60 buck blocks for the WWE Sunday PPV. I will post pictures as soon as I can.

WWE NO WAY OUT - this PPV event did nothing to excite me going in and less day of show. I watched CM Punk and Layla retain their titles, I watched Ryback beat 2 indie guys and some other stuff. I was more interested in the NBA game although I did not watch a single moment of the hoops affair. I had a friend at a PPV party give me updates from his phone the entire night. Lots of filler tonight - besides the Ryback thing we had an overlong HHH promo(ok I paid little to no attention- so he could have recited the most amazing poem in the history of speech and I would not know) and Sin Cara and Hunico continued their feud - although the match on Monday seemed better to me. I missed the opening match because I was watching episodes of the hilarious Louie ( 2 episodes based on his tour for the USO in Afghanistan) on DVr and got behind on leaving my home to go to a PPV party put together by a friend of mine. I was in the room for the entire event but really did not focus on the WWE event as we talked about indie wrestling,college sports and other random stuff all night long. John Cena beat the Big Show after several midcarders rose up and got their revenge for beatings that happened at the hands of the angry Giant recently. After the match Vince McMahon fired Johnny Ace. Overall I have to honestly give this event an incomplete- I simply did not pay attention to the event and probably will never revisit it. It felt like nothing special during the pre-hype and delivered a commercial free Raw on a Sunday.

The most recent column by Mike Mooneyham covering Cody Rhodes career - CLICK TO READ

RF Video has released a brand new shoot video with Shane Helms and another shoot video with Paul Diamond-I have not seen either- but admits I am curious.

The CZW Tournament of Death will take place on June 23rd in Townsend,Delaware at 2:30 pm EST.

Here is the most recent episode of NECW Sonic Boom podcast -Sonic Boom- CLICK TO LISTEN - updates from the most recent New England Championship Wrestling and news on upcoming events.

Wrestling Fans in the Staten Island area - ECW franchise Shane Douglas will be doing a signing on August 18th.

Roundtable Wrestling Radio are scheduled to interview former WCW commissioner Earnest "the Cat" Miller Monday Night after WWE Raw - you can catch the show live on

This is their show from Thursday -Click to listen to RWR 6-14-12

If you are looking for a fun show covering wrestling 10 years ago or older - check out The Old School Wrestling Podcast

It has been announced that Weeds is ending after an 8 year run, although I still watch- I miss the original seasons when the show was based in Agrestic and felt more logical.

Watched Blank City on Netflix streaming, a good documentary about the No Wave film scene during the decaying days of the Big Apple in the late 70s,

It looks like T-Dog from Walking Dead will be at Blood on the Beach 2 this fall- can't wait.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

NEW Raw Review/ Wrestling Links +The Black Legion, Teen A Go Go and Super 8

My recent column about WWE Raw -CLICK TO READ the entire article at Wrestle Hustle.

Evolve 14 will take place at the Orpheum in Ybor,FLA June 28 EVOLVE 14: Generico vs. Del Sol

On June 29th Evolve and Florida Underground will host a night of legends including Ron Simmons, Mike Graham , Gerald Briscoe, Barry Darsow and others

I watched Super 8 last night- a great adventure movie featuring kids in the lead roles- well made and well told worth checking out this month on Epix.

If you have the Biography channel they are strip running wrestling biographies and then playing the Unreal Story of Pro Wrestling starting late Saturday night.

Kayfabe Commentaries has recently released the ECW Timeline of 1995 as told by The Sandman. July 10th they will release the WWE Timeline for the same year as told by Kevin Nash.

You can follow me on twitter @jobberjoe99

Teen A Go Go - a decent documentary covering the Ft. Worth, Texas garage band scene of the mid 60s. Mixing archival footage and photos with current interviews from band members and fans of the scene that never transcended the local area, one that remained hidden until a 3 disc compilation documenting the music surfaced. This movie is probably not for everyone but if you like garage rock this is worth the time, Currently you can check this movie out on Netflix streaming.  B-

The Black Legion - Tabloid movie making ripped from the headlines. Taking an all too real problem of secretive hate groups and a splinter group from 1935 Michigan, Warner Brothers attempts to capitalize on the sensational tale of the hooded Black Legion. Humphrey Bogart is the lead in this movie. He is a charming chap that believes he is next in line to be shop foreman. He is passed over for a bookish immigrant. After that things swirl out of control. A co-worker sensing his disgruntlement recruits him to the Black Legion. Bogie is bullied into paying to carry a gun and get the group wardrobe. At first he is willing to play along as his interests are furthered when the legion attacks his work competition. He has second thoughts when his wife separates from him. This late 30s Bogart vehicle is not one of his best efforts and not worth seeking out. A paint by numbers plot and typical dialogue make this a chore to trudge through.  C-

The most recent episode of roundtable wrestling radio click to listen
with Pat McDermott, The Byron and Joey924

Saturday, June 09, 2012

ECW DVD review link and more/ Lickerish Quartet

Link to my review of the most recent WWE DVD review for ECW Unreleased Vol.1 - ECW review from Wrestle Hustle-click to read  SADLY the below video is not on the DVD

Currently I have surrendered to the Twitter craze- you can follow me there Jobber Joe on Twitter

Click to read Mike Mooneyham's take on the Randy Orton snafuWhere do WWE and Orton go from here-click to read

The most recent episode of the Old School Wrestling Podcast - covering WCW Clash of the Champions Old School Clash 7

Dragongate USA will be in Taylor, MI on July 28 and the windy city on July 29

CZW will be in Hamilton. Ohio tonight
JUNE 23 CZW will be in Townsend, Delaware 2:30 pm

Admits I am a bandwagon horse racing fan- I usually only watch the Kentucky Derby- and missed the Preakness- I was planning on watching the Belmont due to the impending run at the triple crown by I'll Have Another. Now with the scratch of I'll Have Another I guess I will go YOLO hunting on Call of Duty.

It feels odd rooting for the Celtics tonight, but I am- either way I want OKC to win it all.

Watched and enjoyed Werner Herzog's Cave of Forgotten Dreams- wish I had seen it in 3-D. Amazing look at cave art from 28,000 years ago.

The Lickerish Quartet-Softcore porn and prattle masquerading as high art or art made for the high. This 1970 movie follows a awkwardly close-knit family as they watch a stag film. After the mother,father and son watch movie they head into town to the carnival , they see bikers riding in circles,one of the bikers resembles one of the stars of the black and white sex film they were just watching. After the exhibition of centrifugal force they invite the shapely biker back to their castle. Intersplicing footage from the past of the family, the girl works her way thru the family. Overall this jumble was a lame excuse to showcase sex(nothing wrong with it) , this forefather of arthouse softcore like Karma Sutra, Betty Blue and Rochelle, Rochelle plays like an R-rated play that wants to resonate more than possible. The actual castle and landscape are stunning, the biker girl is shapely and whatnot, but the movie fails with trite prattle that wants to be both shocking and illuminating but ends up being an exercise in pretension. Dated and overlong you can see this Radley Metzger flick on Netflix Streaming if you really want to , I am glad I did that instead of purchasing the used DVD for 11 dollars. D+

Be forewarned the following trailer is probably NSFW

Interview with Joey Ryan on the latest Roundtable Wrestling Radio Joey Ryan interview

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Rock of Ages / Raw Ruminations link


George "The Animal" Steele was part of the top 10 plays of the day on ESPN sportscenter when he ate the stuffing out of a baseball and then threw the husk to the catcher for a ceremonial first pitch at a minor league baseball game.

Rock of Ages- this PG "rock" musical based on pop and pop metal of the 80s was hamstrung by 2 bland leads and a pandering soundtrack. A mishmash of big hair 80s AOR and top 40 songs bleated out by a cast wanting to entertain. The paint by numbers production is saved by same big name cameos and support staff like Tom Cruise, Alec Baldwin, Mary J Blige and Paul Giamatti- but when I say saved- I mean it lifted the dreck to barely tolerable. Not worth the time spent to endure it unfold on the screen and not worth spending money on. D+

Former WCW and WWF Champion Kevin Nash has a brief role in Rock of Ages as part of a 2 man security detail providing muscle for aging rock star Stacy Jaxx(portrayed by Tom Cruise)

If you are looking for a rock movie about a LA club being shut down in the 80s check out Get Crazy featuring Lee Ving and Lou Reed.

RIP Ray Bradbury