Sunday, June 24, 2012

Color Me Obsessed + Mulkeymania HOF

Color Me Obsessed is a documentary about the 80s rock/punk band The Replacements. Sadly the documentary does not include any music from the band , concert footage , interviews with the band and is rather skimpy with pictures of the group. Instead we get a barrage of anecdotes, sure some were very funny and others interesting and informative, but after awhile I started to really hunger to hear "Within Your Reach" or " Sixteen Blue" or well anything beyond the occasional strum of a guitar during title cards. This  movie has it's heart in the right place but not the budget or ability to tell the whole story. I enjoyed hearing about the band's origins and story- but I really wanted to hear the music and see the band. Overall I felt like I was watching deleted scenes or extras from a kickass documentary about the Replacements. Kudos to Todd Owens for setting up the event and getting a good turnout for the screening at the Cinema Cafe- although it was odd getting Ric Rolled before a movie about the Mats, not to mention cuts by REO Speedwagon and Richard Marx. Overall it was nice seeing the alternative music from the 757 crowd again, but I was not in love with the movie.
#### followup-after a night of being frustrated by no Mats music- the wife and I went cruising around town listening to a mini-playlist tonight after another good meal at El Azteca. Now it is time for Louie reruns and laughter.

The other day I watched a thorough although mind-numbing at times documentary on Charles Manson called the 6 Degrees of Helter Skelter- mixing archival footage with walking tours of the infamous murder spree locations in the present day. This is an obsessive fan's guidebook for other obsessive fans. I learned some new stuff- some interesting, other stuff bordering on banal. However this is worth checking out for folks curious and interested in the Manson murders that along with Altamont signaled the end of the 60s hippie movement.

Unsung returns to TV One Monday June 25th - the first episode chronicles the career of Sly and the Family Stone.

IN WRESTLING NEWS here is the latest column or rather link to a story by Mike Mooneyham about the Mulkey brothers. CLICK TO READ. Also WCW Clash of the Champions DVD is now on Netflix Streaming.

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