Saturday, June 09, 2012

ECW DVD review link and more/ Lickerish Quartet

Link to my review of the most recent WWE DVD review for ECW Unreleased Vol.1 - ECW review from Wrestle Hustle-click to read  SADLY the below video is not on the DVD

Currently I have surrendered to the Twitter craze- you can follow me there Jobber Joe on Twitter

Click to read Mike Mooneyham's take on the Randy Orton snafuWhere do WWE and Orton go from here-click to read

The most recent episode of the Old School Wrestling Podcast - covering WCW Clash of the Champions Old School Clash 7

Dragongate USA will be in Taylor, MI on July 28 and the windy city on July 29

CZW will be in Hamilton. Ohio tonight
JUNE 23 CZW will be in Townsend, Delaware 2:30 pm

Admits I am a bandwagon horse racing fan- I usually only watch the Kentucky Derby- and missed the Preakness- I was planning on watching the Belmont due to the impending run at the triple crown by I'll Have Another. Now with the scratch of I'll Have Another I guess I will go YOLO hunting on Call of Duty.

It feels odd rooting for the Celtics tonight, but I am- either way I want OKC to win it all.

Watched and enjoyed Werner Herzog's Cave of Forgotten Dreams- wish I had seen it in 3-D. Amazing look at cave art from 28,000 years ago.

The Lickerish Quartet-Softcore porn and prattle masquerading as high art or art made for the high. This 1970 movie follows a awkwardly close-knit family as they watch a stag film. After the mother,father and son watch movie they head into town to the carnival , they see bikers riding in circles,one of the bikers resembles one of the stars of the black and white sex film they were just watching. After the exhibition of centrifugal force they invite the shapely biker back to their castle. Intersplicing footage from the past of the family, the girl works her way thru the family. Overall this jumble was a lame excuse to showcase sex(nothing wrong with it) , this forefather of arthouse softcore like Karma Sutra, Betty Blue and Rochelle, Rochelle plays like an R-rated play that wants to resonate more than possible. The actual castle and landscape are stunning, the biker girl is shapely and whatnot, but the movie fails with trite prattle that wants to be both shocking and illuminating but ends up being an exercise in pretension. Dated and overlong you can see this Radley Metzger flick on Netflix Streaming if you really want to , I am glad I did that instead of purchasing the used DVD for 11 dollars. D+

Be forewarned the following trailer is probably NSFW

Interview with Joey Ryan on the latest Roundtable Wrestling Radio Joey Ryan interview

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