Saturday, June 23, 2012

WWE , TNA . Carlos Colon, Edge Streaming and more

Impact is bolstered by the implementation of the Bound For Glory series - I love the 10 minute time limits on the matches in the BFG series. The AJ/Dixie storyline was the drizzling dookie- but the show was good except for the Hogans and the sex addict or whatever that baby bump chick was talking about.

"Brickhouse Brown looks more like Outhouse Brown"- Michael Cole discussing the demolition of this week's jobbers by Ryback on Smackdown. Superb main event between Sheamus and Dolf on Smackdown.

I hope No Holds Barred has extras on the DVD/Blue Ray release- if ever a DVD  needed a snarky MST3K rifftrax commentary this one does. No Holds Barred will be out 7/3/12

The Story of Edge is now on Netflix Streaming , yeah he sure loved the WWF and followed his dream. I have to admit I have never been an Edgehead- I loved his work with Christian when they were a tag-team and I was intrigued when the whole soap opera with Lita and Matt Hardy version 1.7 exploded. He seems like a likeable fella( although I have no interest in watching his wacky cop movie or Haven). Either way if you are like me this was the best way to peep his story without investing in a DVD or Blue-Ray. This was interesting enough to watch once but not something I would own.

Also new on Netflix Streaming is the best of Raw and Smackdown 2011.

WWE Classics on Demand added TLC 2011 this week.

RF Video is releasing a shoot interview with Carlos Colon. from the press release- "To make this shoot even better we are going to have interviews from Savio Vega, Abby, Dutch Mantell, Bobby Jaggers, Tony Atlas and Manny Fernandez talking about the incident."  Should be interesting.

This weekend CMT is replaying episodes of Red Neck Island hosted by Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Thursday ANT TV is showing an episode of Adam-12 - the episode synopsis states that Malloy and Reed have to subdue a wrestler.

To catch up on Australian professional wrestling make sure to check out Wrestle Hustle.

Tonight is Ping Pong A Looza at Peabody's in Virginia Beach.

2 interviews with Ernest "The Cat" Miller - the first one is from 1/20/2009 and includes a guest call-in from "Above Average" Mike Sanders - Click to listen/right click to save 

The second interview from Thursday June 21, 2012 on Roundtable Wrestling Radio Ernest "the Cat" Miller --CLICK TO LISTEN/RIGHT CLICK TO SAVE  joins The Bryon. Pat McDermott and Joey924

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