Tuesday, June 12, 2012

NEW Raw Review/ Wrestling Links +The Black Legion, Teen A Go Go and Super 8

My recent column about WWE Raw -CLICK TO READ the entire article at Wrestle Hustle.

Evolve 14 will take place at the Orpheum in Ybor,FLA June 28 EVOLVE 14: Generico vs. Del Sol

On June 29th Evolve and Florida Underground will host a night of legends including Ron Simmons, Mike Graham , Gerald Briscoe, Barry Darsow and others

I watched Super 8 last night- a great adventure movie featuring kids in the lead roles- well made and well told worth checking out this month on Epix.

If you have the Biography channel they are strip running wrestling biographies and then playing the Unreal Story of Pro Wrestling starting late Saturday night.

Kayfabe Commentaries has recently released the ECW Timeline of 1995 as told by The Sandman. July 10th they will release the WWE Timeline for the same year as told by Kevin Nash.

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Teen A Go Go - a decent documentary covering the Ft. Worth, Texas garage band scene of the mid 60s. Mixing archival footage and photos with current interviews from band members and fans of the scene that never transcended the local area, one that remained hidden until a 3 disc compilation documenting the music surfaced. This movie is probably not for everyone but if you like garage rock this is worth the time, Currently you can check this movie out on Netflix streaming.  B-

The Black Legion - Tabloid movie making ripped from the headlines. Taking an all too real problem of secretive hate groups and a splinter group from 1935 Michigan, Warner Brothers attempts to capitalize on the sensational tale of the hooded Black Legion. Humphrey Bogart is the lead in this movie. He is a charming chap that believes he is next in line to be shop foreman. He is passed over for a bookish immigrant. After that things swirl out of control. A co-worker sensing his disgruntlement recruits him to the Black Legion. Bogie is bullied into paying to carry a gun and get the group wardrobe. At first he is willing to play along as his interests are furthered when the legion attacks his work competition. He has second thoughts when his wife separates from him. This late 30s Bogart vehicle is not one of his best efforts and not worth seeking out. A paint by numbers plot and typical dialogue make this a chore to trudge through.  C-

The most recent episode of roundtable wrestling radio click to listen
with Pat McDermott, The Byron and Joey924

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