Saturday, June 30, 2012

Wine , Women and thong

40 years - that is the span of time between Man Mountain Dean's appearance in We're in the Money and H.B. Haggerty's cameo on Adam-12. One thing links these 2 appearance by these 2 grapplers- something about professional wrestling ain't on the level.

In We're in the Money , a 1935 Warner Brothers comedy, Joan Blondell is a process server. She goes to the wrestling matches to serve a subpoena to Man Mountain Dean. She tries to hustle her way backstage posing as a hillbilly cousin of the hulking wrestler. The stage manager is on to her charade since Man Mountain Dean is from the Big Apple. The match is presented as part of the movie and to say it presents wrestling as comedy is an understatement. Eventually Man Mountain Dean lands in the laps of the process servers and is handed the court document.

Fast forward to the early 70s. Officers Reed and Malloy are confronted by a wheelchair bound former wrestler Dobish portrayed by H.B. Haggerty. Dobish has been tearing up a whiskey store after some folks intimated that all wrestlers are phonies. The proud grappler is set into a fury when the profession of his choosing is downgraded.

Ironically "Nature Boy" Ric Flair sites Vince McMahon's late declaration of sports entertainment as the most important moment in pro wrestling history. Although wrestling has been portrayed as less than sport or comedy since the 30s.

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