Sunday, June 17, 2012

WWE No Way Out PPV/Blank City and Holiday Travel park grappling

2 days 2 wrestling events- just like 2011 for me- and the Saturday wrestling was held at a Holiday Travel park in Virginia Beach, Va. The SPW show had a small but enthusiastic gathering for the outdoor event- ironically at 15 bucks the fee was the same as someone taking advantage of the 60 buck blocks for the WWE Sunday PPV. I will post pictures as soon as I can.

WWE NO WAY OUT - this PPV event did nothing to excite me going in and less day of show. I watched CM Punk and Layla retain their titles, I watched Ryback beat 2 indie guys and some other stuff. I was more interested in the NBA game although I did not watch a single moment of the hoops affair. I had a friend at a PPV party give me updates from his phone the entire night. Lots of filler tonight - besides the Ryback thing we had an overlong HHH promo(ok I paid little to no attention- so he could have recited the most amazing poem in the history of speech and I would not know) and Sin Cara and Hunico continued their feud - although the match on Monday seemed better to me. I missed the opening match because I was watching episodes of the hilarious Louie ( 2 episodes based on his tour for the USO in Afghanistan) on DVr and got behind on leaving my home to go to a PPV party put together by a friend of mine. I was in the room for the entire event but really did not focus on the WWE event as we talked about indie wrestling,college sports and other random stuff all night long. John Cena beat the Big Show after several midcarders rose up and got their revenge for beatings that happened at the hands of the angry Giant recently. After the match Vince McMahon fired Johnny Ace. Overall I have to honestly give this event an incomplete- I simply did not pay attention to the event and probably will never revisit it. It felt like nothing special during the pre-hype and delivered a commercial free Raw on a Sunday.

The most recent column by Mike Mooneyham covering Cody Rhodes career - CLICK TO READ

RF Video has released a brand new shoot video with Shane Helms and another shoot video with Paul Diamond-I have not seen either- but admits I am curious.

The CZW Tournament of Death will take place on June 23rd in Townsend,Delaware at 2:30 pm EST.

Here is the most recent episode of NECW Sonic Boom podcast -Sonic Boom- CLICK TO LISTEN - updates from the most recent New England Championship Wrestling and news on upcoming events.

Wrestling Fans in the Staten Island area - ECW franchise Shane Douglas will be doing a signing on August 18th.

Roundtable Wrestling Radio are scheduled to interview former WCW commissioner Earnest "the Cat" Miller Monday Night after WWE Raw - you can catch the show live on

This is their show from Thursday -Click to listen to RWR 6-14-12

If you are looking for a fun show covering wrestling 10 years ago or older - check out The Old School Wrestling Podcast

It has been announced that Weeds is ending after an 8 year run, although I still watch- I miss the original seasons when the show was based in Agrestic and felt more logical.

Watched Blank City on Netflix streaming, a good documentary about the No Wave film scene during the decaying days of the Big Apple in the late 70s,

It looks like T-Dog from Walking Dead will be at Blood on the Beach 2 this fall- can't wait.

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