Thursday, July 19, 2012

Dark Knight Rises (2012)

Dark Knight Rises - By definition the SUMMER BLOCKBUSTER needs to compel the general public to leave their home and pay money for movie and concessions in massive numbers. Each SUMMER BLOCKBUSTER is not just competing with other movies from that year, but each slate of CGI explosions of every summer since the launch of the Star Wars franchise. You compete with big names in the cast , explosions and a character worth sequels. Batman is just such a character.

Ever since the iconic and cartoonish network show Batman has been a hot property for DC Comics.

In the late 80s director Tim Burton took the Batman to new commercial heights.

Although the series ran out of steam somewhere during the Clinton administration.

Christopher Nolan took over the series and gave it a darker and slightly more real tone.The second film of the series remains my favorite. Probably because of the Heath Ledger turn as the Joker.

Dark Knight Rises is a solid chapter and ending to the Nolan trilogy but overly long for a popcorn flick almost 2 and a half hours , there are threads of the story I could have lived without but overall I was engaged for the entire running time and could not wait to see what happened next. The cast was solid with a standout performance by Marion Cotillard as Miranda. I thought Anne Hathaway was solid as Catwoman and I enjoyed Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne(although I am still not a fan of his "Batman" voice). The plot has enough twists and turns to keep both casual and comic book fans enthralled. The bombastic Hans Zimmer score pushes forward how epic this movie needs to be,wants to be- every crisis is the end of the city, the demise of goodness,etc. I sometimes wish we could dial back the heightened drama and focus on character development- but I know folks like to see things get blowed up real good. Or do they- I can remember folks getting into movies like Twister because of the effects, but now the effects are piled so high and so thick that it seems like a speedbump in the actual plot. If you enjoyed the last 2 Nolan forays into Gotham this is a solid  final chapter in the story, if this is your first time watching a Batman movie, this is a good action flick with a solid story well told by a good director.  B

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