Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Moonrise Kingdom + Shadows of a Leader

Moonrise Kingdom - my favorite movie of 2012, ok I have only seen 4 new release movies, but I loved this movie. Okay I will be all Mary Sue in this review(not really -just felt like typing that sentence). The scenario presented by the film-makers was a fantasy of mine growing up. Running away with a cute girl and living in the woods. While the commercials where busy hyping up Bill Murray- the movie was stolen by it's leads Jared Gilman as Sam the orphaned Khaki Scout and Kara Hayward as the troubled pre-goth goth girl Suzy. Sam and Suzy are pen-pals who concoct a plan to run away together.I admit I was hesitant to view this movie since I had my fill of director Wes Anderson's quirkiness. I loved Rushmore- but felt that every movie after that felt a little forced and not so organic. This movie has plenty of odd twists and turns and Bob Balaban as a showy narrator , but the whole piece felt natural and captivated me from beginning to end. Probably the best effort in capturing the wonder and agony of being a pre-teen, 13 year old since Stand By Me and Matinee. Well worth checking out on the big screen and the first movie I know I will get on DVD this year. A+
                                                          Moonrise Kingdom Trailer

Stand by Me Trailer

Matinee Trailer

Shadows of a Leader- an interesting peak at the female bodyguards of Qaddaffi. Due to limited access we only see what the state wants us to see. Much is made of the newly liberated role of the women (although it was later revealed that the women were as much a part of harem as protectors). Filmed in 2004 I wonder what the fate befell these ladies after the fall of the regime. Worth a look - currently on Netflix. B

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