Saturday, July 21, 2012

RIP Sherman Pendergarst

Personally it has been one weird up and down day- unable to sleep I turn to X-Box to kill some time and as soon as I log on I am informed by a fellow gamer about the tragic events in Colorado at the late show of Dark Knight Rises. That depresses me. When I finally get to sleep I am awoken by my phone and my father in law informs me that we have AC repair coming - after the hottest year - with several 100 plus days we have finally have AC.

but the real shock of the day is the news of the loss of my long time friend Sherman Pendergarst. He died at the age of 45. I know he had been fighting cancer.

RIP Sherman

Here is a link to an interview he had in 2009- click to listen and an article on his passing 

Thank you Sherman (or is it Big Sheldon ) - so many great memories, seeing the Jordan Bulls together ( and President Clinton was there also) , or being late for Springsteen and still seeing an amazing 2 hour show or the time you drove from VA Beach thru a weather event to pick me and Melissa Pittmanup- in DC, working together at the NSECT Club , you having my back and providing ideas on our commute to work, you helping me get in at the Bait Shack , those lunches with the great cooking by Wilma , working together on Verve magazine, Route 44, your sense of humor, your smile, your creativity, thank you for being such a great friend and for making so many moments worth living. Thank you for helping with other projects in the last couple years and your time and insight. Thank you so much for everything and every moment . Thank you Sherman. RIP

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