Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Steel Trap (1952) + Wrestling Links- Free stuff and more

The Steel Trap ( 1952) - Joseph Cotten is a mid-level bank executive who is tired of the rat race. He devises a scheme to escape the monotony of the daily grind and an escape route.

This is a suspense thriller about a man with the perfect plan and terrible luck. Well he has luck for most of his journey but potholes fill his road to escape over and over. Made in the shadow of the code this movie is hamstrung by the inevitability that the main character will either get caught or do "the right thing". I watched the entire offering but this is not something I would seek out or suggest to others. C+

Here is my latest column about Monday Night Raw- Click to read from Wrestle Hustle - Raw Ruminations X+One

My recent review of the latest Timeline DVD- 1995 as told by Kevin Nash - Click to Read

Sunny A/K/A Tammy Lynn Sytch is scheduled to make an appearance for CZW on July 14th for their event in Vorhees NJ.

Here is a link to the final episode of Wrestlecrap Radio - Click to download

Kudos to Gabe and crew from DGUSA/Evolve- I ordered Evolve 10: A Tribute to the Arena late on Monday and it arrived today.

Download a free match featuring AR Fox taking Rich Swann - click to download

Sadly it looks like Kharma has been released by the WWE or as she tweeted she has been promoted to their alumni roster.

Another hilarious episode of the Old School Wrestling Podcast in this episode they cover the Yokozuna Bodyslam Challenge- Click to Listen

I found this today @ CHKD while shopping with my wife

Now I log off to view Big Brother and a new episode of Louie- can't wait for Breaking Bad on Sunday- 

Frank Eudy a contestant on the CBS Summer reality series Big Brother is the son of former WWF/WCW champion Sid Eudy. Also it was threatened that Mister Pectaculor Jessie Goderz was going to be a Big Brother legend- although I would take him over Mike Boogie.

The most recent episode of Roundtable Wrestling Radio - Combining Monday and Thursday Shows from July 9 and July 12, 2012 - Click to Listen

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